How to Make Preschool Musical Instruments from Soda Bottles

How to Make Preschool Musical Instruments from Soda Bottles
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Having Fun with Music

Kids learn a lot through playing with music. It is also a great way for them to use their imagination. You can make your own musical instruments at home with them by simply using a soda bottle. Learning how to make preschool musical instruments from soda bottles is a great project to do with your children. You can use 2 liter bottles or 20 oz. bottles. Either one will be fine for you to use. This will just depend on the size of the instruments that you want to use. When your family drinks out of a bottle, wash it and rinse it. Let it dry and save it for making your instruments.

Music Can Be Fun!

Making Maracas

You will want to start out by filling your bottles 2/3 of the way with different things to make sound. The different sizes and shapes of things that you use are going to make different sounds. You can use many different things in the bottles. A few great examples are:

  • Beans
  • Sand
  • Rice
  • Beads
  • Small Rocks
  • Dried Peas or Corn
  • Wheat

Once the bottles are full, take a glue gun and secure the top really well on the bottle. This will keep the kids from spilling stuff out when playing with the bottles. Now the kids can shake the bottles and use them like maracas.

Making a Guitar

Another fun thing to make is a guitar. You can learn how to make preschool musical instruments from soda bottles. You will need the larger 2 liter bottles for this project. Cut off one side of the bottle all of the way. This will leave the back for the child to hold against their chest like the guitar back. They can hold onto the lid of the bottle and the bottom of it. Take a pair of scissors or a hole punch and make two small holes in your bottle. These are going to be at each end of the openings that you cut on the bottle. Take a large rubber band and put it between the two holes tying it together at each end. The kids can now strum the rubber band like a guitar string making noise. You can put more than one string if you would like to on these. If you want to be really ambitious, tie some yarn or a string to the bottle lid and bottom of the bottle so they can wear it as a strap over their shoulder while they pay.

Bottle Blowing Music

One more simple instrument you can make with soda bottles is set of bottles to blow on to make noise. You will take about eight bottles and fill them up with various amounts of water. Next place these all along the table next to each other. Leave the lids off of these bottles. You are going to blow over the top of the bottles gently. This will make various noises that the kids will love to hear. They can add water or dump out water to experiment and see what sounds they can come up with to enjoy with this new instrument.