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Fireflies: Art Activities for Preschoolers

written by: Sharon Dominica • edited by: Donna Cosmato • updated: 4/5/2012

Planning a theme on fireflies for your preschool classroom? This is a great theme to help children learn more about the natural world all around them. Here are some art activities you can use.

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    Fireflies are one of the most interesting and fascinating insects. Kids are definitely going to love this cute theme around fireflies. Use it to teach children to love nature and to appreciate the little details. Here are a collection of preschool art activities on fire flies that you can use with this theme.

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    Fireflies Scratch Art

    Materials Required

    • wax crayons
    • white paper
    • black poster paint
    • paintbrush

    For this art activity, children first have to color a piece of paper completely with yellow and orange wax crayons. After this, paint a layer of black poster paint on it. Allow it to dry. Using the back of a paintbrush , scratch little dots or firefly shapes on the paper. You will see the yellow and orange crayoned part of the paper through the black. Your fireflies art activity is ready to put up on your classroom walls.

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    Glitter Fireflies

    Materials Required

    • glitter glue
    • black paper (large sheet)

    For this activity, give the children a large black poster and glitter glue tubes. The children can draw little fireflies in pencil on the poster, and then decorate them with glitter glue tubes.

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    Paper Cup Firefly

    Materials Required

    • paper cup
    • colored papers
    • scissors
    • glue
    • markers
    • acrylic paint
    • pocket torch

    Take a translucent paper cup and decorate it to make a firefly. Make a firefly head out of paper, and attach it to the top. Make four wings out of paper and attach them to the back. Use acrylic paints and permanent markers to decorate the firefly. Place a small pocket torch inside the paper cup to make your very own version of a firefly.

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    Cone Fireflies

    Materials Required

    • paper
    • glue
    • scissors
    • colored paper

    Make a little paper cone and make it stand with the bottom on the table. Cut out a firefly face with eyes and antenna. Glue it to the pointed part of the cone. Cut out two wings. Glue it to the back of the cone. Decorate your cone firefly. You can hand this up to decorate your classroom, or even put it on a table or a windowsill.

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    Fireflies in the Garden

    Materials Required

    • garden pot
    • plastic flowers
    • glue
    • paints
    • scissors
    • markers
    • colored paper

    Get a pot and put some soil in it. Decorate the pot. Place some plastic flowers with stalks in the pot. Add some real leaves from your garden. Draw little fireflies on thick paper and color them. Cut them out and glue them to the end of a stick. Put this stick into your pot too. Finally, it will look like a pot with flowers in it, and a few fireflies around the flowers. For a longer activity, you can get the children to make their own flowers.