Four Handprint Crafts for Your Preschoolers: One for Each Season

Four Handprint Crafts for Your Preschoolers: One for Each Season
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Fall - Handprint Turkeys

By simply using preschooler’s handprints, you can create a wide variety of holiday related projects. Here are handprint ideas you can use for all seasons of the year.

For handprint turkeys, you will need the following:

  • paintbrushes (one for each color used)
  • brown paint
  • red paint
  • orange paint
  • yellow paint
  • green paint

Paint the thumb and palm brown for each child. Paint each of the fingers a different color - red, yellow, orange and green. The handprint will be placed, right side up, to create the turkey. Use the red paint to create the turkey’s waddle and the orange or brown paint to create the turkey’s legs and claws.

Looking for something a little scarier for fall? Try a handprint Halloween decoration.

Winter - Handprint Santa

This cute Santa handprint idea will use an inverted handprint to create the face of the jolly old elf himself! In the photo shown here, the handprint is traced using white paper and then

Image (36)

hung upside down to create Santa’s beard. If you would like to use paint instead, simply paint the child’s entire hand white. Eyes, a nose, hat brim and the white ball on Santa’s hat can be added by using either construction paper circles or thumbprints painted red and blue. The hat itself can be created either by painting it on or cutting out of construction paper.

Spring - Leprechauns

Similar to the handprint Santa, this little Leprechaun uses the handprint to create a beard - this time in the color orange instead of


the color white - but also can be used to create the entire face and hat. An example from is shown to the right. Simply paint the fingers orange, the palm pink and the heel of the hand and thumb a bright green. As with the Santa, the handprint will be inverted. Use a black Sharpie pen to draw in the eyes, nose and mouth.

Summer - Eagles

Summer 2010 119

Creating these handprint eagles is both fun and easy. You will need brown, white, black and orange paint. Paint each hand brown. Place them end to end (one at a time) so that they are running horizontally across the surface. Next, paint the side of the hand white. Press this firmly at the top - where the brown handprints meet - to create the head and neck of the bird. Paint the fingers white, and press these pointing down from where the handprints meet (opposite of the head and neck) to create the tail feathers. Use black paint and a paintbrush to draw in the eye and feet. Finally, use orange paint and a paintbrush to create the beak.

Many Different Applications

These handprint ideas have many different applications. You can use them to create a personalized calendar for using at home or as a gift. You can also use the same activities to personalize mugs, fabric t-shirts, aprons, trivets, ornaments, ceramic tiles or even just as a project destined for the kitchen refrigerator. However you choose to display them, these handprint ideas are sure to be treasured for years and years to come! To preserve the moment, be certain to include the date and perhaps even the child’s age.

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