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China Art for Preschoolers

written by: Sharon Dominica • edited by: Jonathan Wylie • updated: 9/11/2012

Want some new ideas for China art projects for preschool children? Here are a collection of art ideas with detailed instructions.

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    Art is a great medium for learning. We can use art to teach a variety of skills in the preschool classroom. Use these china art activities and projects to introduce children to the Chinese culture and art. As you teach each art activity, help them to understand more about the relevance and importance of that art in the Chinese culture.

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    Chinese Ink Art

    Materials required:

    Straw, poster paint, white paper


    Drop some paint on a sheet of white paper. Use the straw to blow the paint so that it spreads in different directions. The final effect will look very similar to the Chinese ink art paintings.

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    Easy Chinese Lanterns

    Materials required:

    Paper, yellow colored paper, glue, scissors, paint – dark colors, paintbrush


    Chinese lanterns are a popular craft. Make this simple version for your classroom. Take some thick card paper, and roll it to form a cylinder. Glue the edges. Paint the whole lantern in one dark color. Glue little diamonds made out of cut out yellow colored paper all over the lantern, It will look like the yellow diamonds are light rays coming out of the lantern. Hang the lanterns all around your classroom and enjoy the festivity of China.

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    Chinese Kite Decorations:

    Materials required:

    Large sheets of paper, colored paper, scizzors, glue, markers, paints, brushes.


    Cut out large diamond shaped kites. Divide your children into groups. Get each group to decorate one kite with paint, and colored paper. Use these decorated kits as wall decorations in your classroom. Use this activity to teach children about the kite festivals and competitions in China.

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    Chinese Samurai Sword Craft

    Materials required:

    Cardboard, a cutter to cut cardboard, scissors, glue, colored paper (including gold and silver), stick-on craft gems.


    Give the children a large cut out sword out of cardboard. Help them use colored paper and stick on gems to decorate the samurai sword. Use this activity to tell children about the variety of martial arts that are taught and practiced in China.

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    Chinese Plate Paintings

    Materials Required:

    Paper plates- white ( or Styrofoam plates), acrylic paint, paintbrushes.


    Here is another adaptation of Chinese art. Painted porcelain is a famous form of Chinese art. Use white paper plates for this activity. Styrofoam plates will be best. Give the children paint brushes and acrylic paint and let them make their own versions of porcelain painted plates.

    These are a few ideas to get you started on a china art projects for preschool children. Here are some more activities on china art that you can use. Sometimes a good story is a great way to get children to understand and get interested in another culture. " The Empty Pot" is a great book you can use with your Chinese theme. So decorate your classroom, do fun activities, and help your children enter the world of China.