Rabbit Crafts Preschool

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Rabbits have always appeared to be gentle, cute, and cuddly creatures that kids naturally love. Start your day right by laying out materials on the tables for those rabbit crafts. Pre-school teachers will love these activities that will surely leave the children with big smiles on their faces. You may also choose to incorporate these crafty activities after circle time or lesson time to keep their spirits up throughout the entire class.

Rabbit Puppets

Designing puppets never fail to pique the interest of little kids. Aside from developing the fine motor and artistic skills of your kindergarteners, puppets are also quite functional. Whether you use them for storytelling or to capture the attention of your students for a lesson, they will certainly be useful in your class.

Materials: brown paper bags, pink colored paper, Oslo paper, scissors, glue or masking tape, coloring materials


  1. Prepare cut-outs for the rabbit ears, face, body, hands, and feet. You may print them from computer graphics or draw them yourself on the Oslo paper and pink colored paper.
  2. Give each child a brown paper bag, the cut-outs, glue or masking tape, and coloring materials.
  3. Show the kids a sample puppet. Instruct them to use the glue or the masking tape in arranging the rabbit’s body parts. Let them use the coloring materials in adding clothes and other details such as ribbons, buttons, and ties.
  4. Let the kids play with their puppets and invent their dialogues as they place their hands inside the paper bags and make the puppets move. You may facilitate a circle time story to teach the kids about rabbits.

Rabbit Clocks

Integrate your rabbit theme with a lesson on telling the time. It will certainly be of greater retention for the children if they themselves made and designed their own “clocks”.

Materials: paper plates; single fasteners; cardboard cut into rabbit ears and hands for the clock; cut-outs of rabbit eyes, nose, and mouth; cut-outs of numbers for the clock; glue; light pink, pink, and white poster paints; paintbrushes; paint trays; aprons; old newspapers


  1. Mix the poster paint with some glue on the trays. Prepare enough trays to be shared by the kids on the tables.
  2. Lay out the old newspapers on the surfaces of the work tables. Prepare the necessary materials.
  3. Instruct the kids to wear their aprons and paint the entire paper plate with the light pink mixture. Then have them stick the eyes, nose, mouth, and numbers. Let the paper plates dry.
  4. Have the kids paint the cardboard ears and the clock hands next with pink paint without the glue blend. Then ask them to paint the inside of the ears with white once the pink has dried.
  5. Ask the kids to tape the ears to the right and left sides of the top of the paper plate clocks.
  6. Lastly, when everything is dry already, assist the children in inserting the single fasteners into the middle of the paper plate to hold the clock hands in place.
  7. Now you are all ready to start telling the time with your rabbit clocks!

Rabbit Ornaments

Let your students create rabbit ornaments to display in the classroom or in their own bedrooms, or simply to play with. Combine your rabbit theme with your lesson on shapes with this fun preschool rabbit craft!

Materials: Styrofoam balls; tissue cardboard rolls, glue gun with glue stick; pink art paper; old folder/cardboard; scissors; glue; toothpicks; old newspapers; aprons; white poster paint; pink colored paper cut-outs of oblongs for the stomach, rectangles for the arms, and circles for the hands; cotton balls, permanent black markers, optional orange carrot cut-outs


  1. Prior to the art activity, attach the Styrofoam balls already to the tissue cardboard rolls with the use of a glue gun. However, have an extra ball and roll to show to the students. Explain that the ball is in the shape of a circle and it will serve as the head of the rabbit. Then tell them that the roll is in the shape of a cylinder and it will serve as the body of the rabbit.
  2. Cut out long heart-shaped pink art paper and place them on an old folder or cardboard. Tape toothpicks at the back with half sticking out on the curved side of the heart. These heart-shaped cut-outs will be the rabbit’s ears when placed upside down.
  3. Spread the old newspapers on the work tables to protect the surface. Prepare all the materials for the kids.
  4. Have your students wear their aprons and paint the balls and rolls in the white paint and glue mixture. Ask them to stick one pink oblong cut-out on the middle of the roll to represent the rabbit’s stomach. Then have them stick the pink rectangular arms on the sides of the rolls as well as the small circles that serve as the hands. Afterwards, have them stick a cotton ball at the back part to represent the rabbit’s tail. Point out the shapes of the cut-outs and the cotton ball.
  5. You may want to also have the students stick orange carrot cut-outs on the hands of the rabbits.
  6. Hand over the heart-shaped rabbit ears and ask kids to identify this shape. Demonstrate how these will be placed on the Styrofoam balls with the use of the toothpicks attached.
  7. Finally, have the children use permanent black markers to draw the face for their rabbit ornaments. Be sure to show examples and to model it for them.
  8. Don’t forget to give the children time to enjoy their rabbit ornaments! Let them use their imagination and develop their creativity.

These are just some of the rabbit crafts, preschool themed activities revolving around this adorable pet, which you can do in your preschool class. There is a lot more. Look around and be resourceful and creative. Who knows? You might just be able to invent your own and share it with others.You may also want to use rubrics to evaluate the students' skills in making these crafts. Enjoy!