How to Make a Preschool Library Art Craft

Preschool Library Art Crafts

Preschoolers love going to the library to check out books and listen to stories read aloud by their favorite librarian. Making a preschool library art craft is a fun but educational way to continue learning about the library in the preschool classroom.

Book Themed Bookmarks

Making book themed bookmarks is a fun preschool library art craft that will get young children thinking about their favorite books.

Clifford Bookmark

  • Materials: red paper, Clifford printable, crayons or markers
  • Preparation: Print out the Clifford printable on a bookmark sized piece of red paper. Make enough so that each student in the class gets a copy.
  • Instructions: Give each preschooler a copy of the Clifford bookmark. Allow the students to color the bookmarks.
  • Optional: Read a Clifford story after make the Clifford themed bookmarks.

The Rainbow Fish Bookmark

  • Materials: blue construction paper, other colored construction paper, glue, scissors, sparkly stickers
  • Preparation: Cut the blue construction paper into ovals and triangles. Cut the other construction paper into rectangles.
  • Instructions: Give each preschooler a blue oval, a blue triangle, and a colored rectangle. Help the student glue the triangle to the end of the oval to form the body of the fish. Allow the children to decorate their rainbow fish bookmarks with sparkly stickers. Glue the fish onto the rectangle to complete the bookmark.
  • Optional: Read The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister aloud to the class.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Bookmark

  • Materials: white paper, The Very Hungry Caterpillar printable, colored cardstock, crayons or markers, glue
  • Preparation: Print copies of The Very Hungry Caterpillar printable onto white paper. Cut out the caterpillar. Cut the cardstock into bookmark sized rectangles.
  • Instructions: Give each student a copy of the caterpillar and a cardstock rectangle. Allow the children to color their caterpillars. Glue the caterpillar to the cardstock. Allow the preschoolers to decorate the rest of the bookmark.
  • Optional: Cut out the food printable from The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and allow the students to add the food to their bookmarks.

Library Picture Books

Another educational but fun preschool library art craft for preschool students is creating picture books about a visit to the library.

  • Materials: photographs, white cardstock, double-sided tape, crayons, stapler
  • Preparation: Visit a local library and take pictures of the children interacting with the librarians and library materials. Also have a picture of the entire class taken at the library. Print out the photographs.
  • Instructions: Tape a photo of the entire class to a piece of cardstock. Make enough for each child in the class. Allow each preschooler to choose five to seven additional photographs. Tape each photograph to a sheet of cardstock. Allow the students to decorate the remaining edges of the cardstock with crayons. Staple the pages together to create a picture book. Use tape to cover the staples to prevent children from getting scratched. Have the students take turns reading their library picture books aloud to each other.

Making a preschool library art craft is a fun preschool activity that reinforces a love of learning and the importance of libraries. Preschoolers will love making a book themed bookmark or a library picture book.


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  • All ideas courtesy of the author, Heather Marie Kosur