Fun Toddler Party Activities

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Decorating Toddlers

In most toddler parties, there might be a few children who wander off or aren’t interested in the games. This activity is a great one to keep going all day long for those stragglers or just for the children who enjoy face painting. This is one of those toddler party activities that can be done repeatedly throughout the party. You will need non-toxic tempera paints, a small paintbrush and several cups of water.

  1. Let the child pick a color.
  2. Paint a quarter size circle on the child’s face.
  3. Draw a string from the circle to make it a “balloon”, put little dots around the outside of the circle to make it a “flower” or you can even add the features to make a puppy dog or kitten by putting two small circles on the top sides of the large one for ears and a couple of black dots for the eyes and nose!

Feeding Toddlers

Most parties have sweet treats, but you can designate specific themes like making “dirt dessert” with the toddlers. Getting the children involved in making their own desserts is one way to keep them busy and helping them to show off their culinary skills as each child puts together their own dessert. Dessert toddler activities can get a bit messy, so be sure to put out only the things you are willing to clean up and to have adults prepared to help the toddlers.

  1. Set up a dessert buffet by putting decorative items in bowls on a long table. Some items you may want to include are colored sprinkles, small berries such as blueberries or raspberries, chopped nuts and chocolate chips. Place a spoon in each bowl.Be mindful of any students with food allergies.
  2. Give each child a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Vanilla seems to work best since the colors of the added items really stand out against the white of the vanilla.
  3. Help each child to go from bowl to bowl adding what they want to add to their desserts.
  4. Give the children spoons and sit them down to eat their colorful desserts!

Toddler Games

Toddler party activities have to include some kind of fun games. This list was created to help adults to remember how to play some of these silly games that they may have forgotten!

  • Simon Says: This game is played with someone being “Simon” and giving directions of silly things to do. Children should only do the activity if the statement “Simon says” precedes the activity. Those who do the activity without this statement preceding it are considered “out”.
  • Red Rover: Children are split into two groups. Each group holds hands in a line. One group says “Red Rover, Red Rover send (insert child’s name here) right over” and the opposing group sends the named child over. The child is supposed to be able to break through the line of held hands to become part of that group.
  • Musical chairs: Chairs are set in a circle with there being one less chair than there are children. Children walk in the circle as music is played. When the music stops, they all try to sit down. The child left standing is “out” and one more chair is removed. The process if repeated until there is only one child left.

Gift Time!

Everyone loves gifts. Toddler party activities may want to include some gift giving, especially if this is a birthday party. Many children won’t understand the concept that only the birthday child receives gifts. Use this activity to let the children get some gifts of their own while having fun finding them!

  1. Buy some small party gifts like plastic rings, small cars or any other item that you wish to give. Choose items that will not be choking hazards.
  2. Fill a sandbox with clean play sand.
  3. Hide the items in the sand in the sandbox.
  4. Have children come to the sand box in small groups by age.
  5. Give children a set amount of time to put their hands in the box. Whatever they can pull out of the sand is theirs to keep! Younger children should get a longer amount of time. As a side note, you may want to put only a limited amount of items in the box before each turn to ensure that each child gets a gift.