Two Preschool Turtle Crafts

Two Preschool Turtle Crafts
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Every child loves turtles. They are thought to be kind, cute and green. Teach your class more about these lovable creatures with the following turtle crafts. Find two crafts that are easy to make and require few materials.

3D Turtle Craft

This turtle craft may sound complicated, but it is actually easy to make. It will, however, require the teacher to do a little prep work. You will need a piece of poster board for each child, a bag of cotton balls for each child, tissue paper (several different colors), two googly eyes per child, non-toxic and washable paint (several different colors), several different colors of glitter and some glue sticks. The teacher will need a pair of scissors and a staple gun.

Teachers will need to use the poster board to cut out the turtle shapes. They need to cut out two turtle shapes for each student and each shape should be of equal size.

Have the students each decorate one side of both turtle cut-outs using paint, glitter, tissue paper and the glue sticks. Help the students glue on the two googly eyes. Once everything is decorated and dry, use a staple gun to attach both turtle cut-outs with the decorated sides facing outward. Leave a small hole and use this to stuff the turtle with cotton. Once the turtle is stuffed, simply staple the small hole that was left open to stuff the turtle.

Coffee Filter Turtle

Making this turtle craft is even easier than the last one. This craft will also require the teacher to do a little prep work. You will need two coffee filters for each child, two googly eyes for each child, several different colors of glitter, several different colors of washable and non-toxic paint and white construction paper. The teacher will need a pair of scissors.

To prepare for this turtle craft project the teacher will need to use the white construction paper and a pair of scissors to cut out a head, tail and four legs for each child’s turtle.

The children will use two coffee filters (one inside the other for stability) as the turtle shell and paint them as they wish. The children will also paint the turtle’s head, tail and four legs and they wish. Allow them to add glitter as well. Once all of the paint is dry help the students assemble the turtle using a glue stick. They will glue on the head, tail, four legs and two googly eyes.

Use these crafts can to decorate the classroom or as part of a preschool turtle’s theme. They can also be used as part of a preschool science lesson, or a literature lesson, such as The Tortoise and the Hare.

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