Three Great Crafts that Teach Preschoolers the Letter K

Three Great Crafts that Teach Preschoolers the Letter K
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Making crafts with a letter theme, in this case the letter K, is a fun way for preschoolers to acquire both letter recognition and phonemic awareness. The following three preschool crafts are easy to create with readily available materials. The students will have fun making kittens, kangaroos and kites, and you’ll have fun teaching them all about the 11th letter of the alphabet.

Paper Plate Kittens

Making kittens from paper plates is a fun letter k craft that allows preschoolers to practice identifying shapes (circles, triangles, ovals, lines).

Materials: black paper plates, black and pink construction paper, white yarn, googly eyes, nontoxic glue


  • Cut the black construction in large triangles and the pink construction paper into smaller triangles for ears.
  • Also cut the pink construction paper into oval for noses.
  • Cut the yarn in four inch pieces.


  • Give each preschooler a paper plate, two black triangles, two pink triangles, one pink oval, two googly eyes, and six pieces of yarn.
  • Instruct the children to glue the pink triangles onto the black triangles and then the black triangles onto the back of the paper plate to make the ears.
  • Glue the pink oval and the eyes onto the front of the paper plate.
  • Then glue the pieces of yarn near the nose to form the whiskers.
  • Make sure to talk about the different shapes (circles, triangles, ovals, lines) of the different pieces of the kitten.

Kangaroo Sock Puppets

Making kangaroo sock puppets is a simple activity that results in a craft that can be incorporated into creative play.

Materials: large tube socks, brown dye, nontoxic fabric glue, googly eyes

Preparation: Dye the tube socks brown prior to the activity.


  • Give each child a brown tube sock.
  • Help the children roll down the bottom three inches of the sock.
  • Glue half of the rolled down section with the fabric glue.
  • The unglued section forms the pouch of the kangaroo.
  • Then help the students glue two eyes onto the sock near the toe.
  • After the glue dries completely, slip the kangaroo sock puppet onto the hand and over the forearm.

Optional: Read the book “What Do You Do with a Kangaroo?" by Mercer Mayer aloud to the class and allow the preschoolers to use their kangaroo puppets to act out the story.

Construction Paper Kites

Making a kite from construction paper is great craft that extends learning after reading the book “The Kite” by Mary Packard.

Materials: color construction paper, scissors, tape, colored yarn, markers or crayons

Preparation: Cut large diamonds out of construction paper to form the body of the kite and small triangles to make the bows on the kite tail. Cut the yarn into two feet pieces


  • After reading “The Kite” aloud to the class, give each preschooler a diamond, six triangles, and a piece of yarn.
  • Allow the children to decorate their kites and bows with markers or crayons.
  • Help the students attach one end of the piece of yarn to the kite with tape.
  • Then help attach the triangles to the yarn to form six bows.
  • Use the construction paper kites to decorate the reading area with a kite theme.

Your preschool students will love making these crafts with the letter k. What activity ideas have you used in your classroom? Comment and let other teachers know which activities your preschoolers enjoyed the most!