Letter W Activities for Preschool Children That Are Easy and Fun

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Alphabet Fun

Learning the alphabet should be fun. Help children become more aware of the letter w, with these great and simple letter w activities for preschool children. Use anything that you can think of that will interest the children about the letter w. It can be anything from simple songs, poems, art projects, recipes, and games, all pertaining to the letter w. Doing these activities throughout the day will increase the children’s knowledge and understanding of the letter. They will know the letter w in no time.

Wiggly White Worms

Cut out large wiggly worm shapes from white paper. Have the children think of words that start with the letter W and then write one W word on each worm. Make sure to let the children know that worms and white both begin with the letter W. When finished you might want to try and create a funny little story with all the W words they came up with. This is one of the letter w activities for preschool children that will have the children laughing nonstop.

A Worm Farm

With this letter W activity you can either buy some earth worms from a bait shop or dig some up in the soil if possible. Put the worms in a clear container filled with two inches of top soil. Have the children watch how the worms wiggle around the soil and discover what the worms will do. Make sure to remind them that wiggly worms start with the letter W. They will remember the letter W for as long as you keep the farm around.

Letter W Exercises

Exercise is always great, even for children. Here is some ways that you can put learning the letter W into exercising. The first exercise is making windmills with your arms. Do this by making big circular movements with your hands, like that of a windmill. Let the children know that windmills start with W. Another exercise to have the children do is, go through the movements of washing windows to get them up and moving. Put some music on when doing these exercises to increase the enjoyment of doing them. Be creative and see what other W exercises you and the children can come up with. Making letter W activities for preschool children has never been so fun and easy.

Wacky Waffles

Make a waffle for each child and give them whip cream and blueberries to decorate their waffle with. Have them put the whip cream on top and then spread the whip cream out. They could make faces with the blueberries or make silly creatures, really whatever interest them most will work. Have them try and make a W with the blueberries. You can also give the children other things to decorate their waffle with such as strawberries, raisins, or chocolate chips. Have them use their imagination. This is one of the tasty letter W activities for preschool children.

If you have letter W activities for preschool children which you have found to be successful, please share them in the comments section below.