Preschool Activities for the Nursery Rhyme The Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe

Nursery Rhymes Made Fun

Including preschool activities for the nursery rhyme "The Old Woman Who Lives In A Shoe" will make the rhyme come alive to the preschoolers. Rhymes are short, so children have the attention spans to listen to the rhyme. Often rhymes don’t give a lot of details, so rhymes leave much to the children’s imagination. Giving activities for the preschoolers to do along with the rhyme will give the children a chance to use their imagination. Nursery rhymes will also introduce the children to rhyming words which is something they should get familiar with for kindergarten. Here is some examples of activities to go along with the nursery rhyme " The Old Woman Who Lives In A Shoe".

Lacing Shoes

Provide shoes not laced and give the children the laces. Have the children attempt to lace the shoes. This will require a demonstration first. This activity will increase preschoolers fine motor skills and give them further confidence when learning to tie their own shoes.

Tap Shoes

Tape quarters on the bottoms of their shoes to make tap shoes. Play music and let the children try out the tap shoes. They will enjoy listening to all the different sounds the shoes make. This is a great activity for encouraging gross motor skills and getting all the wiggles out.

Shoes and Dramatic Play

Give the preschoolers a variety of shoes to explore including, high heels, slippers, boots, and sandals. Ask the children which shoes they think the old woman would like to live in and why? They can try the shoes on to explore the shoes and to come up with their answers.

Tracing Shoes

Provide the children with one big piece of paper and crayons and have them trace their footprints with their shoes on all the same paper. Children love tracing hands and feet and it is very easy for them. All their footprints should be on the same paper. When finished they can count all the footprints to see how many there is. You can compare the amount of footprints on the paper to the amount of children the old women had in the rhyme.

Soup for Snack

In the nursery rhyme "The Old Woman Who Lives In A Shoe", the old women gives the children broth with no bread. Give the preschoolers soup and explain to them it is a lot like broth. Remind the children of the rhyme and how the children where given broth because there was so many children the old women didn’t know what to do.

Simple Preschool Activities

Just by adding these simple preschool activities to the nursery rhyme "There Old Woman Who Lives In A Shoe, it allows the nursery rhyme to come to life for the preschoolers. After the activities they will be sure to remember the rhyme and tell others about it.