Hand Made Easter Baskets Preschool Crafts

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Having a difficult time finding hand made Easter baskets preschool crafts? Baskets that are fun and easy to make, but are durable? These Easter baskets require no weaving, just simple instructions that will provide enjoyable craft ideas to make.

Easter Day

It will not be long before Peter Cottontail hops his way down the bunny trail. So let’s celebrate Easter in the preschool classroom by planning hand made Easter baskets preschool crafts. The materials used in these crafts are simple, inexpensive and common materials. These Easter baskets will be hands on learning activities. Develop the children’s skills, plan an Easter craft. The children will be delighted with their finished Easter baskets.

Easter Egg Basket

This Easter basket may be called an Easter egg basket but an addition to eggs, it will be a sturdy basket to hold all the children’s goodies. The children may decorate their baskets any way they’d like so that they can express their artistic side.

Materials Needed:

  • 3 by 9 by 5 inch facial tissue box (top removed)
  • Two 8 by 10 inch pieces of heavy white paper
  • Poster paint (Easter colors)
  • Markers
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue
  • Plastic grass


Begin by placing the children in small groups. Supply each child with a facial tissue box (with top removed) and two 8 inches by 10 inch pieces of heavy white paper. The remaining materials needed list, can be divided among the small groups of children so that each table has all the necessary supplies. The facial tissue box will be used as the base of the basket. Now have the children paint the outside of the tissue box.

Using safety scissors, have the children cut out two large identical eggs out of the two 8 inch by 10 inch heavy pieces of white paper. These large eggs will be used to make the handle of the basket. At the top of the eggs, cut a small opening for a handle. (Note: Teachers may use a pre-cut pattern of a large egg with a pre-cut handle. One pattern should be given to each group.)

The children should decorate one side of each egg using markers. Next, have the children glue the tops of the handles of the basket together. Glue one egg to each side of the painted tissue box. (Tip: Hold the bottom of the eggs in place by using paper clips.) Finish this project by adding plastic Easter grass.

Milk Carton Easter Basket

This milk carton Easter basket craft is also a sturdy little basket. The children will enjoy making this Easter basket preschool idea.

Materials Needed:

  • Half-pint milk carton
  • Construction paper
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue
  • White pre-cut egg patterns
  • Markers
  • Two pipe cleaners
  • Hole-punch


First let’s have the children placed in small groups. Each child should be supplied with a half-pint milk carton, construction paper and safety scissors. Each table will need four pre-cut egg patterns for each child, glue, two pipe cleaners, a hole-punch and markers.

Let’s begin by having the children cover the basket with construction paper, using glue. Next, a hole should be placed on opposite sides of the basket using a hole-punch. (Teachers: The children may require assistance when using a hole-punch for safety purposes.) Wrap the two pipe cleaners around each other to form the handle for the basket. Insert each end of the pipe cleaner into the hole of the basket and twist the ends to secure.

Have the children decorate the white pre-cut egg patterns with markers. Glue one decorated egg to each side of the Easter basket. Fill the basket with plastic Easter grass if desired.

Hand made Easter baskets preschool crafts are great craft ideas and will make the Easter holiday festive. Fill the baskets with goodies and enjoy.