Three Baby Chick Crafts For Preschoolers: Make a Cute Farm Chick, Model Magic Chick and Hatching Chick Crafts

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As springtime draws near, preschool teachers can lead their students in lessons about the birth of animal babies. Because baby chicks are popular symbols of the spring season and Easter holiday, teachers can include cute chick crafts for preschoolers as art activities.

Cotton Ball Chicks on the Farm

Materials needed:

light blue construction paper (1 piece per child)

farmhouse template (1 per child)

green crayons (1 per child)

orange crayons (1 per child)

red or brown crayons (for coloring farmhouse)

yellow cotton balls (4-8 per child, depending on number of chicks)

school glue

black marker (for teacher use)


  1. Give each child a piece of construction paper and a farmhouse cutout. Ask the students to color the bottom of their papers with green crayons to make grass, and then glue the farmhouse on top of the grass. The preschoolers can then color their farmhouses.

  2. Pass out yellow cotton balls to each student (two cotton balls per chick, one for the head and one for the body). Instruct the children to glue their cotton chicks on top of the colored grass.

  3. When the glue has dried, give the children orange crayons so that they can draw chick feet and beaks (pointing sideways from the heads). The chicks can face one another, or face opposite directions.

  4. Use a black marker to draw an eye on the heads of each chick.

Painted Model Magic Chicks

Materials needed:

white Model Magic (2 or 3 handfuls per child)

yellow craft paint

orange craft paint

black craft paint

paintbrushes (1 per child)


  1. Show the preschoolers how to use their Model Magic to craft a baby chick (small sphere for the head, larger sphere for the body, small triangular beak, and small stick-shaped feet).

  2. When the Model Magic has hardened, assist the children in painting their chicks, using yellow for the body/head and orange for the beak and feet.

  3. After this coat of paint has dried, instruct the students to paint small black eyes on their chicks' heads.

Hatching Chicks

white construction paper egg template (1 per child)

yellow construction paper chick template (1 per child)

orange construction paper cut into beak shapes (1 per child)

child safety scissors

school glue

black crayons (1 per child)


  1. Hand each child a construction paper egg and a pair of safety scissors. Instruct the preschoolers to cut a zig-zag line through the middle of the egg (to represent hatching).

  2. Show the children how to glue the paper chicks behind the bottom halves of the eggs (so that it looks the chick is peeking out from the broken “shell”. The students can then glue beaks and draw eyes on their chicks.

  3. Finish the project by showing the students how to glue the top part of the egg “shells” so that they are resting on the chicks' heads.

These crafts can compliment many classroom themes for children in the 3 to 5 year age group. Preschoolers will enjoy assembling their baby chicken projects and seeing the crafts displayed in the room.