Three Preschool Arts and Craft Ideas for Where the Wild Things Are

Three Preschool Arts and Craft Ideas for Where the Wild Things Are
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Where The Wild Things Are

I remember reading this book over and over when I was a child. I will never forget the illustrations of the huge monsters that weren’t the kind that you would run from, but the kind that you wanted to make your best friend. As a child this story has to be one of the ultimate favorites of mine. I remember walking around the library holding it so close to my chest feeling so happy that I was able to check it out again and again.

The book was written in 1963 by Maurice Sendak and published by Harper & Row. This tale is one of a boy named Max who decided to create a small measure of mayhem around his home one day in a wolf costume. His mother punished him by making him go to his room without any supper.

Alone in his room he began to imagine himself surrounded by fierce-looking monsters. Without any fear whatsoever, Max stared into the eyes of the monsters and conquered them. They made him the king of the land and all started to celebrate his achievement. When Max felt homesick and went back to his room, he found his supper was hot and waiting.

This book has sold almost 20 million copies all over the world to date and was made into a full feature film in 2009. Before the book Where the Wild Things Are became a movie, it was made into an opera and recently it has been turned into a video game.

You can turn your class into a place full of imagination, when you use these preschool art ideas for the book Where the Wild Things Are!

Art Ideas

Wolf Costume

Materials: You will need to gather large brown paper bags, construction paper, glue, child safety scissors, markers, elastic string, and a hole puncher.

Instructions: You will need to cut two large brown triangles. You will also need to cut two medium pink triangles and glue them inside the larger ones to make the ears. Use the hole puncher to punch a hole in each corner and thread elastic string through and tie them for the ears.

Cut eight small white triangles. Cut a trapezoid shape from brown construction paper and glue it closed like a funnel. Cut a pink circle large enough to close up the nose at the tip. Glue four white triangles on each side for teeth and glue the pink circle for the nose. Use a marker to make the whiskers and punch two holes on the opposite end. Tie a knot on one side of the hole and measure it around the child’s head then knot the other side to close.

Cut the folding part off of the brown paper bag and fold the bag several times. Cut the folded bag into long strips without going all the way up. Use the hole puncher to create a hole and thread elastic string through it after measuring around the child’s waist for comfort.

Crown Fit for a King

You will need yellow construction paper, children scissors, and glue. You will need to cut zig-zag lines in the middle of the construction paper and cut out the crown. Glue it closed and let dry. Each child will have a crown so they can be the king of all things wild.

Paint Max

After you have read the book to the children, give them the materials needed so that they can paint a picture of Max and the monsters.

I hope your class will enjoy the story and these preschool art ideas for the book Where the Wild Things Are.