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Make Three Mouse Preschool Crafts

written by: R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen • edited by: Tania Cowling • updated: 7/12/2012

Mouse characters have been used in many children's stories, rhymes, and toys. Read on to learn how to make three fantastic preschool mouse crafts.

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    Mice are little childhood characters that children have loved for decades. Making a preschool mouse craft will allow children to hone their art skills while creating a character they recognize from stories, songs, and such. These mouse crafts are easy to make and they will help to keep the children entertained. These crafts are also perfect for rainy days when the children will not be able to go out for recess.

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    Mouse Puppet

    Materials Needed

    • One soda can per student.
    • Yellow yarn.
    • Plenty of clear tape.
    • Safety scissors.
    • Two big rubber bands for each student.
    • One quarter for each student.
    • One black crayon for each student.
    • Plenty of white, red, and black paper for all students (construction paper works best).


    • Using the soda can, trace two circles on the black paper, one circle on the white paper, and one circle on the red paper.
    • Using the quarter, create four additional circles on the white paper.
    • Help the students, using the safety scissors, cut out all circles.
    • Instruct the children to draw a mouse's face on the big white circle and color in his nose and eyes with the black crayon.
    • Assist the students in cutting their rubber bands in half with the safety scissors.
    • Take the tape and help the students attach one piece of the rubber band to each of the four small white circles. These will be his legs and arms.
    • Use the tape to tape the two black circles, created in the first step, to the top of his head. These are his ears.
    • Take the red circle and tape it under his chin and attach his arms and legs as well.
    • Take a piece of yarn, create a small circle, and tape it to the back of his head. This will give the students something to hold onto so that they can jiggle and hang their cute mouse puppets.
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    Mouse Jigsaw Puzzle

    Materials Needed

    • Crayons for every student.
    • One piece of plain white construction paper (8 inches by 11 inches works best) for each student.
    • An 8-inch by 11-inch piece of cardboard per student.
    • One glue stick per student.
    • One sandwich bag per student.
    • A pair of scissors (do not have to be safety because children will not be using them).


    • Have the students create a mouse drawing on a piece of white construction paper using their crayons. They should also make sure this picture has a background.
    • Once they are all done, help them glue this onto a piece of cardboard of the same size.
    • Once the glue is dry cut this up into jigsaw puzzle-style pieces and put each students puzzle into its own sandwich bag.
    • Have the children help each other in putting together all of the jigsaw puzzles they created.
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    Mouse Ears

    Materials Needed

    • A thin, plastic black headband for each student.
    • A soda can for each student.
    • A pencil for each student.
    • A pair of scissors (for the teacher).
    • A hole puncher.
    • Two black bread twist ties per student.
    • One piece of black construction paper for each student.


    • Using a soda can and a pencil, have the students trace two black circles onto the construction paper.
    • Cut these out for the children and punch one hole in each ear near the bottom.
    • Thread a black bread twist tie through each hole and use the two ends of the twist tie to wrap around the headband.
    • Once both ears are in place, the students can put on their ears for pretend play.

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