4 Preschool Crafts for the Letter V: Make a Vee Shape, Vest, Velvet & Vase Craft

4 Preschool Crafts for the Letter V: Make a Vee Shape, Vest, Velvet & Vase Craft
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V may seem to be a more obscure letter than others in the alphabet but you will see that there can be many crafts for the Letter V. Not only will the activities reinforce recognition of the letter V but some of the projects also address the sound that the letter V makes.

Tape and Peel


Wide masking tape (or blue painter’s masking tape)

Crayons in a variety of colors (You may choose to use paint at the easel.)

White paper


You or a parent volunteer should cut two pieces of tape and form a large V in the center of the paper.

Prepare one per student in your classroom. It is always good to have a few extras made just in case you need them.

Student Project:

Each child should color/paint the white areas of the paper using lots of different colors. Remind them to leave the tape on the paper. Fill in all the white area as much as possible. When complete (Or, if painting, when the paint has thoroughly dried.) the teacher/volunteer should carefully remove the tape. There’s the letter V! Encourage the children to hang up their art work at home.

The V Sound

Collect enough grocery-size brown paper bags-one for each student- in preparation of this project.


Brown grocery-sized paper bags-one per student

Potatoes– A Vegetable! One for each color of paint that you will use

Tempera Paint

Shallow dishes for each color of paint

Paper towels or rags for any cleanup as students work

Student paint smocks



Teacher/volunteer should cut a hole on each of the two side panels of the grocery-sized brown bag as shown in the photo. This is where the arms go. Then cut a slit from top to bottom in the front like the opening of a shirt or Vest.

Teacher/volunteer should cut each potato in half. You will use the raw surface as the stamp. Draw a large block letter V on the raw surface. Using a paring knife cut off the background around the V. The V will “stick out from the surface.

When you are ready for the activity, put the paint in the shallow dishes.

Student Project:

Students will dip the raw end of the potato with the V into the paint and then press/stamp onto the brown paper bag. Press around the bag several times. Change colors and repeat. The Vest will have V’s! Very many V’s! Have students repeat the sound of V each time they stamp a V onto the vest. ****A variation of this could be to also use a potato stamp of a Valentine if you are doing V in February.***

The Velvet Touch

The purpose of this project is for the students to have a tactile awareness of the letter V.


Velvet fabric (Purchase remnants -any color or variety of colors- from a fabric or discount store)

Construction paper in a variety of colors

Safe preschool glue


Cut the velvet in 1” X 6” or 7” strips enough for two strips per student


Student projectt:

Allow students to choose two strips of velvet (emphasize the v sound) and any color of available construction paper. You may choose to do this in two different ways depending on the abilities of your students:

1. Have students form a V on their paper and glue the strips in place. Remind them to have the velvet side up.

2. Teacher/volunteer can draw a large V with glue on the paper and students can press the strips in place. Remind them to have the velvet side up.

You may choose for the students to color a frame around the V. Then have them “pet” or feel the velvet and say the letter V as they do so.

Vase project


The photo on the left gives you an idea of the project. The leafy background is not needed.


Tempera paint

large brushes

White paper

easel and paint smocks or shirts

crayons or markers


Prepare the students to paint.

Student project:

Have each student paint a free-hand letter V on their papers. When thoroughly dry, have the students use the V as a Vase and draw flowers inside with the crayons or markers. Voila! A pretty picture!

Isn’t V Vonderful?

As you can see, Crafts for the Letter V are fun and versatile. They can address tactile learning styles and the sound and recognition of this Valuable letter!