Fun in the Jungle: Easy Preschool Lion Crafts

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Use these preschool lion crafts to teach your students all about lions, such as their movement and the sound they make. They are an excellent prop for dramatic play, and they encourage fine motor skill development.

Lion Mask

Materials for Craft

Paper plates


Brown and orange yarn

Glue or craft glue

Roll of elastic



Procedure for Craft

Before completing this craft, cut pieces of yarn to use as the mane. Each student will need an ample amount of yarn to use. Pass out a paper plate to each student. Go around and mark where the eyes should be and cut them out. Then, have students color their paper plate and decorate it like a lion face.

After that, pass out the yarn and the glue. Have students glue the yarn to the outside edge of the paper plate. You can have them create loops as they glue, or they can leave the yarn hanging down. It is up to you.

As students are gluing the yarn in place, go around and have each student place the plate to his face one at a time. Then, using the elastic, measure a piece that will fit around the back of the student’s head. Have your student remove the plate from her head. Cut the elastic, and staple it to the paper plate.

These plates make a great prop for dramatic play. Have students put on their masks and become lions. Have them crawl like a lion and roar like a lion. You can also talk about what a lion eats and how it catches its prey.

Movable Lion

Materials for Craft

Lion head—one per student

Tan or brown construction paper (12x18)



Brads—five per student

Brown felt (optional)

Craft glue (optional)

Procedure for Craft

Pass out the lion head to each student and have them color it. You can also use the brown felt to have the students cover the mane for a three dimensional effect. After students have finished coloring the head, have them cut it out.

Then, have students draw a body for the lion on the construction paper. A simple way to do this is to have students draw a large oval on the paper. Then, have them draw two arms and two legs. Students will need more than one sheet of construction paper. They can use any combination of tan and brown to make the lion’s body.

Connect the body of the lion to the head using a brad. Simply push the brad through the bottom of the lion’s head and the top of his body. Students may need help with this part. Then, connect the arms to the body using the same method with the brads. Finally, connect the legs to the bottom of the body.

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