Creating Farm Dioramas in the Preschool Class

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Dioramas are a fun and easy preschool farm craft project idea. They allow the children to be creative while still learning to develop their art skills. This could be used as part of a unit on farm animals, or just a good project to do on a rainy day.

Needed Materials

To complete this craft the following materials are necessary:

  • tissue box
  • paint brushes
  • printable card stock in letter size
  • acrylic paint
  • wooden clothespins
  • glue stick
  • crayons
  • craft Foamies
  • colored electrical tape (blue and red are the best choices)
  • construction paper (in a variety of colors)
  • staple gun
  • farm animal stencils (horse, pig, cow, sheep, chicken, rooster)
  • children’s safety scissors

Dividing the Materials

Certain items can be shared among the children such as the construction paper, the farm animal stencils, the acrylic paints, the crayons, the card stock paper, the colored electrical tape, and the craft Foamies as long as there is enough for all of the children. Each child will need their own pair of safety scissors, their own paint brush, their own glue stick, and their own tissue box. There should only be three children per staple gun so that they are not waiting too long when they need it. Each child will need two wooden clothespins per farm animal, so estimate twelve clothespins per child. Also, be sure to have plenty of farm animal stencils as well.

Creating the Farm Diorama

Using the safety scissors cut off the top of the tissue box. Cut the sides of the box, all the way around, so that it resembles a fence. Have the children use the stencils to trace the farm animals they want in their diorama on the card stock paper and then have them use the safety scissors to cut them out. Once the farm animals are cut out, the children can use the crayons to color the farm animals and then use two clothespins per animal as their legs.

The children should use the acrylic paints to paint the tissue box. Using the electrical tape, wrap it around the bottom of the “fence” ½ an inch from the bottom of the tissue box. This will help keep the fence slats from bending. They can use the Foamies to decorate the fence by gluing them on wherever they choose. They can shred some green, brown, yellow, or tan construction paper and place it inside the tissue box to resemble grass or hay.

Before completing their preschool farm crafts, simply have the children place their farm animals in the box. They can apply some glue at the bottom of the clothespins to help keep their farm animals in place.

Make this a Whole-Class Craft Activity

To make preschool farm crafts an activity for the entire class, use a section of the classroom to display all of the children’s farm dioramas. Allow them to decorate the walls behind their dioramas to resemble a farm, a sky, or a town. Display their dioramas in such a way that it resembles a large farm.