Creation Games: Preschool World Creation Activities

Creation Bingo


Blank Bingo cards

Pictures (explanation to follow)

Beans or other markers


Find pictures of different things God created, specifically things that are mentioned in the Bible and things that you have talked about in class. Create a creation bingo card using creation pictures. You can draw the pictures. You can also use stickers or images you find. Be sure to place the pictures in different places all over the bingo cards. Keep a list of the pictures you use on the cards for when you play. It is up to you whether or not to use a regular size bingo card or a smaller one.

Pass out the bingo cards and the beans. Play creation bingo.

Creation Races


Pictures of creation—one set for each team


To do this activity, you will need a picture of something that was created each day. For example, for day one you will need a picture of the sun or moon and for day two a picture of the sky.

Divide your class into teams that have seven members each, or you can do two teams. Pass out the pictures that have something on it from every day of creation, including the seventh day when God rested. Then, have a race and see which team can line up in the correct order first.

You could also do a relay race. Divide your class into two teams, and pass out a set of pictures from each day of creation to each team. Create two headings for days one through seven for both teams. Have each member come up and place the picture underneath the correct heading.

Creation Charades


Index cards


Creation words and pictures



Before you play this game, you will need to make charade cards. There are several different ways to do this. The easiest way is to print out words associated with creation and glue them to index cards. It is a good idea to glue a picture of the word to go along with it. Some good words to use are birds, fish, and any other type of animal. You can use anything that God created.

Divide your class into two teams. Allow a student to come up and act out the word. Let students guess what the word is. A team gets a point when they guess correctly within the allowed time-frame. If they do not guess, you can allow the other team to steal for two points.