Farm Toddler Activities For Classroom Farm Theme

Toddlers and Animals

Toddler farm activities can be tons of fun simply because children tend to enjoy animals so much. Learning about what those animals do for us is a whole new world for them. Before beginning any of the activities below, discuss farms and farm animals with toddlers. Talk about the different kinds of farms there are. You can even teach them about farm animal noise using the Very Busy Spider Farm Activity. Some of the types of farms you might want to discuss with toddlers are listed below.

  • Dairy farms
  • Pig farms
  • Vegetable farms

Ask children why these farms exist, and explain to them what types of productivity comes from these farms. Then move on to the activities below.


Use these farm toddler activities to enhance the children's knowledge of things that go on "down on the farm."

Egg Activity

To complete this activity you will need enough hard boiled or plastic eggs so that each child can have at least 3 of them. You will also need construction paper, scissors, and a stapler. Before you begin this activity hide the eggs around the room, so that they are close to the floor where a chicken might actually lay them.

  1. Cut out strips of construction paper about 1 inch by 10 inches long. Give each child one strip and one sheet of construction paper.
  2. Help children to cut slits in the the paper by starting at the bottom of the paper and measuring about 3 inches up. Make a cut in the paper about 3" long. Do the same thing measuring from the bottom up on the other side of the paper, then repeat the process from the top.
  3. Fold the ends of the paper on the same line as the slit.
  4. Fold the paper by the slit so that it makes a tab.
  5. Fold the other edges of the paper so that the fold begins at the slit.
  6. Staple the tabs to the paper that they touch when all the edges are folded in. This should make a small box.
  7. Fold the strip of paper in half to make it stronger, then staple it to the box so that it forms a handle.
  8. You should now have a small basket with a handle.

As you do this activity talk about animals that lay eggs and how they hide them. Specifically, talk about chickens and how they may hide their eggs around a farm. Today, the students are going to be farmers and go find their eggs! When the baskets are complete, send the children on a search for the eggs. Allow students to peel and eat eggs as a snack after all their hard work is over! You may actually want to do this portion of the activity outside to prevent messes.

Fun fact: Farmers actually feed their chickens egg shells for extra protein!

Make Butter

For this activity you will need some crackers, a butter knife, a jar and some whipping cream. Talk with the children about the fact that some people only eat what they can make and grow on the farm. Did they know butter actually starts with a dairy cow? As you discuss various dairy products with your students, put the whipping cream in the jar. Then pass the jar around the room as each child takes their turn shaking it hard. Shake the cream until it turns to butter, then spread on the crackers and eat it!