Preschool Fall Party: Game Ideas

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Harvest Season

Fall is a time of harvest and it’s easy to incorporate that message in toddler preschool fall party games. There is so much to celebrate, including all the colors, harvested foods and changes of the season. Read on to learn about some fall party activities that can help students to understand the difference between fall and the other seasons.

  • Create a harvest theme by using some of the fruits and vegetables that are harvested during this season in the games below.
  • Decorate the room with leaves that the students can cut and decorate using construction paper.
  • Make a class project of creating a funny scarecrow out of old clothes and some straw.
  • Use the games below to celebrate this time of year along with some pumpkin bars and fresh apple cider.

Corn Grow

For this game you will need a bucket and a ladle or small net to get fish out of a fish tank as well as some construction paper, glue, tape or string and corn kernels.

Have the students help you to create a “corn stalk” out of green construction paper. Glue kernels of corn to stalk in the shape of a corn cob. Use tape or string to attach the ladle or net to the bucket handle so that the bowl of the ladle or the net is inside the bucket, but is somewhat balanced by the corn stalk. Have students try to toss corn kernels into the bowl or net until they have unbalanced it enough for the corn stalk to stand up. You can allow all students to toss the kernels until the corn stands up, or have them take turns until someone wins as the first person to make the corn stand up.

Pin the Corn on the Cob

Play a revised version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey by making a cornstalk out of construction paper, then some corn cobs out of construction paper. Make sure there are obvious leaves to show where the corn cob goes, then have the students try to pin the corn cob where it belongs!

Tic Tac Toe Tournament

Hold a Tic Tac Toe tournament using corn kernels and pumpkin seeds instead of Xs and Os.

Quick Strain

For this game you will need a strainer with large slots and some pumpkin seeds or smaller seeds, such as sunflower seeds and a time. Set the timer for 30 seconds and dump the seeds in the strainer. Have students swirl the seeds around to see how many they can push through the strainer. Make the game a math project by asking students to guess how many seeds are left after each game. Allow students to eat their seeds after each turn.