Three Preschool Christmas Ornament Crafts: Snow Owl Ornament, Reindeer Ornament & an Elf Poster

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Keep Kids Busy As Christmas Approaches!

Christmas is a time of happiness, inspiration and creativity. Preschool teachers can take advantage of this time of the year to entertain and teach their children by making fun crafts. Whether it’s a homemade Christmas ornament or a favorite Christmas character, teaching children how to make them is sure to be a successful preschool craft activity during the holidays.

Baby Snow Owl Christmas Ornament

This Christmas activity is easy and fun for children. Each child will need several cotton balls, one pine cone (a medium-sized one works best), a pipe cleaner (red, white, or green), a glue stick, a pair of scissors, a popsicle stick, pieces of brown felt, and small plastic craft eyes.

Have the children use the popsicle stick to stuff the cotton balls in the pine cones until the entire pine cones are full of cotton. Some of the pine cone should still be visible so that it looks like owl feathers. Now help the children carefully cut a beat and two feet out of the brown felt. Once these are cut, the children can use their glue sticks to apply the beak and the feet. Use the same glue stick and apply the small plastic eyes as well. The pipe cleaner can be wrapped around the top of the pine cone and made into a circle so that it can be hung on a Christmas tree.

Child’s Hand Reindeer Christmas Ornament

This craft is very easy to make and will allow children to really personalize it and be creative with it. Each child will need 2 8 x 11 pieces of white paper, crayons (a 12-count box is plenty), a pair of scissors, a pencil, a pipe cleaner (red, green, or white), a regular-sized coffee can, and a glue stick.

Have the children take one sheet of paper and their pencil and trace one of their hands. Next, help the children carefully cut out their traced hand. Have the children take the other piece of paper, their pencil, and the coffee can and trace a circle on the paper using the coffee can. Carefully help them cut out this circle. Now allow the children to color in their hand cut-out and help them create a reindeer face on the circle cut-out using their crayons.

Once they are done coloring, help them use the glue stick to glue their hand cut-out to the reindeer face they made on the circle. The hand cut-out is the reindeer’s antlers, so make sure they glue it on top of the reindeer face. Next, take a pipe cleaner and poke it through the top of the antlers and tie it into a circle so it can be hung on a Christmas tree.

Children-Sized Elf Christmas Posters

For this project you will need a large roll of white paper that is at least two feet white, a pencil, a large variety of crayons for each child, a variety of loose glitter colors, scissors (only to cut the paper), a glue stick for each child, and a few volunteer parents to help.

You will need to cut each sheet one foot taller than the child. Have each child lie down on the paper roll and use the pencil to trace them. Once this is done allow the child to use the crayons and loose glitter to create an elf out of their traced body. They can also decorate the outside of the tracing by drawing Christmas-themed objects. When the children are done with these posters hang them all over the classroom and be sure to have each child put their name on the bottom of their elf poster when they are done.