Four Preschool Corn Crafts: Popcorn and Corn Ideas

These popcorn and corn craft ideas for preschool students can get messy, so make sure to have plenty of smocks and newspapers on hand. Kids will love these hands-on ideas, and you’ll love watching how much fun they have making them.

Glittery Popcorn Art

Give each student a bowl of popcorn and a small bowl of glue with a paintbrush. Show them how to paint the glue onto the popcorn. Then provide students with bowls of glitter, and encourage them to roll the popcorn in the glitter. If you’d like, provide them with several bowls, each filled with a different color glitter. Let them leave the popcorn on newspaper to dry. Then show them how to glue the glittery popcorn onto a piece of paper to make their own glittery popcorn art.


Cut the tops off small milk cartons and give them to students to decorate. Encourage students to draw pictures on the outside of the carton that will attract birds to the food inside. Do not use beads or other three-dimensional materials to decorate the carton, as the birds may take the beads instead of the food. Help students use spoons to line the inside of the carton with peanut butter, and show them how to stick pieces of popcorn onto the peanut butter. Hang the cartons from a tree with yarn, and watch the birds come to enjoy their feast!

Popcorn Snowman

Help your students make popcorn balls by mixing marshmallow fluff with popcorn. Let the balls dry overnight. Then show them how to stack the popcorn balls to make a snowman. You can provide them with small candies to form eyes, a nose, a mouth, and even a hat for the “snowman.” Then let them eat their creations!

Corn Kernel Art

Provide each student with several small bowls and a large bag of corn kernels. Show students how to divide the kernels into each bowl and add a small amount of paint to color the kernels. Help them make each bowl of kernels a different color, and let the paint dry. Then show them how to use the kernels to create a “mosaic” on a piece of cardboard. You’ll be surprised at their creativity!

These popcorn and corn craft ideas for preschool students are great additions to your fall curriculum, and can be especially fun if you’re learning about vegetables or about farming. Best of all, they’re a lot of fun to do!