Preschool Pumpkin Construction Paper Crafts That Are Spooktacular!

Teacher Prep

To make pumpkin construction paper crafts, there are a few things you can count on needing. Though you may not use everything in every craft, you will use some of the things in every craft and you may as well have them ready so that you can be prepared to switch gears for other projects! Gather together the items listed below and prepare your craft area for some spooky fun!

  • Orange, green, black, white and brown construciton paper (at least).
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • String
  • Tape
  • Colored tissue paper


Choose any or all of the pumpkin construction paper crafts listed below. These are some fun and easy ways to celebrate Halloween. These projects are open to interpretation and can be easily modified to suit the needs of any classroom. Before beginning any of these projects, make sure students can properly manipulate the tools to be used, such as scissors. Make sure to go over the safety rules with your students to avoid any accidents.

  • Make a Halloween collage using torn bits of construction paper glued to one piece of construction paper. For instance, students can tear bits of orange paper to make a pumpkin patch or they can tear bits of orange paper and then glue them together on a separate sheet to make a pumpkin!
  • Have students crumple orange tissue paper and glue it onto construction paper in the shape of a pumpkin.
  • Help students to make a pumpkin mobile by cutting out and decorating various pumpkin styles, then hanging them from a hanger using yarn or string.
  • Cut out eyes and a mouth from orange construction paper. Then, glue yellow tissue paper where the eyes and mouth openings are. Hang them in the window so that the light shines brightly through them, making them look as if they are lit up!
  • Help students to make 3-D pumpkins. Fold an orange piece of construction paper in half. At the crease, make slits in the paper. Roll the paper once and tape the ends together so that the slits are facing vertically. Have students push down a bit on the top of the roll. This should then form a short, squat pumpkin shape! Help students to decorate their pumpkin.

Use these pumpkin construction paper crafts along with other Halloween crafts to get your students into the spirit of the season!