Three Ten Commandments Crafts for Preschoolers

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Teaching students about the Ten Commandments can be tough. After all, how many preschoolers understand the words “covet,” “adultery,” or “idolatry.” These three fun crafts can give students something tangible to help them relate to these important laws.

Two Tablets

This craft is perfect for students who are just learning their numbers. Cut out two “tablet” shapes by rounding the top edge of a piece of paper. Give each student two tablets and help them write the numbers 1-5 on one tablet and 6-10 on the second tablet. Then let them decorate their tablets with art supplies. Help them to tape the two tablets together when they’re finished, and let them act out Moses coming down from Mount Sinai carrying the tablets. They can even act out Moses throwing down the tablets after seeing the golden calf.

Draw a Commandment

Have students draw a picture of their “favorite” commandment of the Ten commandments. These seem to be the easiest (and safest!) for students to draw:

·Commandment 2: Do not serve idols.

·Commandment 5: Honor your father and mother.

·Commandment 6: Do not kill.

·Commandment 8: Do not steal.

·Commandment 10: Do not covet (desire) what someone else has.

Scroll of Commandments

Write or type the commandments on a piece of paper and make enough copies for each student to have one. Show them how to tear the edges of the paper. Then make a strong mixture of tea and allow it to cool. Help your students dip their papers into the mixture and lay them out to dry. (Be careful – the mixture will stain!) When they dry, show students how to roll them into the shape of a scroll and use a paper clip to keep them rolled for a day or two. When you remove the paper clip, the paper will look like an old scroll, yellowed with age.

These preschool crafts will bring the story of the Ten Commandments down to your students’ levels. Try them out, and see how your students become engaged in learning about the commandments.