Three Speech and Language Activities for Preschool

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Speak the Sound Game

For this game, you will need to record some everyday sounds. CDs with sounds on them are also available. Play a sound recording, and the students will raise their hand when they think they know what it is. When they guess the sound, encourage full sentences. Through this game, your students will learn to process what they hear, and then speak out in a clear sentence. For added fun with these speech and language activities, give out stickers for correct answers.

Post Office Fun

This are some fun speech and language activities that your preschoolers will love. You will make up some letters in advance, and place them in a burlap bag. Call this your “mailbag”. You can even paint US MAIL on the bag if you like. Find an old postman’s cap to use if you like. Each student gets to take turns being the mail carrier. The mail carrier will deliver a letter to each child. When your little mail carrier delivers a letter, ask him to say “Hi ____, I have your letter!” Then he will hand the letter to the student. The receiving student will then say, “Thank you, mail carrier Bobby!” (using the child’s name) The carrier will repeat the process until all children have a letter. This game also works well for Valentine’s Day, as a way of distributing valentines.

Dramatic Play

Dramatic play activities of all types make great speech and language activities for preschool. One of the best is acting out nursery rhymes and favorite stories. Use costumes, music, and props to make the experience more realistic. You may want to use favorite tales that your students are already familiar with, or try one that you are reading for that week in circle time. Give simple, one line parts to the children, and take turns so everyone gets to speak.

Other dramatic play activities can make for great speech language practice. Your preschool kitchen is a great place to encourage talking among the students. Model good articulation and facilitate conversations between the children at the kitchen center. Your dress up center is another great opportunity for language practice. Ask questions about the clothing the child is wearing, and encourage children to answer in full sentences. Preschool puppet shows are another great way to get kids talking. Use puppets to act out favorite stories for another great speech and language activity.

You already have a lot of the necessary tools for great speech and language activities for your preschool classroom. Make your preschool a totally language-based program, where language is emphasized in most activities. Whether you use songs, puppets, or fun language games, your students will benefit from a curriculum where language skills are fostered every day.