Three Preschool Snake Crafts Using Math Patterns

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During the preschool years, children can begin exploring the concept of patterns. Teachers can introduce this idea by planning preschool snake crafts, as children recognize that snakes have patterned markings on their backs. These group and individual snake crafts will strengthen a young child’s awareness of how patterns are formed.

Paper Chain Snake

Some preschool snake crafts are easiest to make as a class project. Prepare for this patterned snake craft by cutting the paper into fairly long and wide strips.

Materials needed:

construction paper (green, brown, and yellow) cut into strips

school glue or glue sticks

wiggly eyes

red felt (cut to look like a snake’s tongue)


  1. Set up work space at a long table, and gather the students together in a large group. Make sure that there are enough construction paper strips so that each student gets a turn adding to the snake chain pattern.

  2. Begin the chain by bending a green strip of paper into the shape of a circle and gluing the ends together. This will be the snake’s head. Thread a yellow strip of paper through the green circle, and glue the ends together to make a yellow circle. Repeat this process with a brown strip of paper.

  3. Tell the students that they will be continuing the pattern to make a paper chain snake. Ask one child which color comes next, then assist the child with adding another green circle to the chain. Repeat this step with the other children, one at a time, continuing the green–yellow–brown pattern.

  1. When every child has had a chance to glue a circle onto the chain, add wiggly eyes and the red felt tongue to the snake’s head.

The following preschool snake crafts can be assembled by each child individually. Teachers should provide clear instructions on making patterns and offer help when needed.

Patterned Shape Snake

Materials needed:

green construction paper cut into snake shape (1 per child)

brown construction paper cut into tiny circles (3 per child)

orange construction paper cut into tiny diamonds (3 per child)

yellow construction paper cut into tiny squares (3 per child)

school glue or glue sticks


  1. Give each child a green paper snake along with 3 of each colored shape. Show the class how to glue the shapes along the snake’s back to form a pattern. Start with a brown circle, then an orange diamond, and next a yellow square.
  1. Ask the preschoolers to continue the pattern on their own snakes. Assist as needed until every child has glued all nine of their shapes onto the snake’s back in the correct color/shape order.

Painted Pattern Snake

Materials needed:

construction paper background (any color)

posterboard (any color) cut into snake shape, 1 per child

craft paint (3 or 4 different colors) set out on paper plates


school glue or glue sticks


  1. Give each child a piece of construction paper and a posterboard snake. Ask the preschoolers to glue their snakes onto the paper background.

  2. Instruct the students to make patterns on their snakes with the craft paint. The children can choose their own colors and design (stripes. polka dots, etc.). Assist as needed to ensure that the preschoolers are making their patterns correctly.

These crafts offer children the opportunity to learn a new math concept through creative methods. Preschoolers will enjoy making colorful patterned snakes that can be displayed in the classroom for parents to see.