Indoor Activities for Preschoolers

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Three great types of preschool indoor games are music games, building games, and pretend games. Try these activities with your kids instead of braving the weather outside!

Music Games

Music is a great way to get preschoolers moving. You can turn on your preschooler’s favorite songs and let them dance – but freeze when you stop the music. Or you can have them act like a different animal each time the music goes on, growling like a lion the first time, meowing like a cat the second, barking like a dog the third. See how long they can go before they run out of animal noises.

Alternatively, let preschoolers make their own music. Give them musical instruments such as tambourines, triangles, play drums, or maracas, and let them start their own parade. You can also make your own musical instruments – bean-filled jars make great maracas, and coffee cans are perfect for drums. Or try some other toddler music games.

Building Games

Kids love to build things – and knock them down, of course! Let kids build themselves a tent with pillows, blankets, and even chair backs. Encourage them to make as many rooms as possible in their tent and to use each room for a different purpose. For example, one room might be for “reading” by flashlight, another for parking toy cars, and a third for storing stuffed animals. You’ll need to help them build the basic tent, but they’ll love crawling in and out of each room.

Pretend Games

Take out some of your old clothes, shoes, and accessories, and let your children loose for a game of dress up. Let them choose different and original roles, such as mail carrier, fireman, or queen, and help them to create accessories to go with each role. For example, an old purse filled with envelopes is perfect for a mail bag, a fireman can wear a ski mask to protect his face from the fire, and construction paper can be built into a glorious crown.

These preschool indoor games are the perfect way to keep your preschoolers entertained in the house. Take a look at some preschool outdoor games to use when the weather clears up!