Activities on the Letter Y for Preschoolers

Activities on the Letter Y for Preschoolers
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Y is For…

Before moving on to the game and activities listed here, make sure that students are able to repeat sounds and manipulate small objects such as crayons and chalk.

Introduce the letter Yy to your students by writing the letter on the board and making the sounds that the letter makes. Ask students to repeat the sounds that you make. Use the letter in some words that are common to the students, then ask them to come up with some words on their own.

Pass out the printable coloring sheet and ask student to draw the letter inside of each letter, then color it yellow. They will be using this paper to play the letter Yy activity game, otherwise known as the Yo Yo game in the next section provided here.

Yo Yo Game

Preschool activities need to have an element of fun in them to keep preschoolers interested in what is being taught to them. This is one of the letter Yy activities that is sure to keep your students interested, educated and having fun all at once!

This game can be played two different ways.The object of the game is to help students to recognize when the letter Y is being used. The teacher will say a word or hold up an object. If the letter Y is used in the word or object, the students will hold up their coloring sheets to show that they understand the letter has been used.

If students have an excessive amount of energy ask them to sit in a circle and play this game, but instead of simply holding the coloring sheet up they will stand up with it. Students will put the sheet down or sit down when the letter is not being used.

Get Busy With These Activities

Read below for some more preschool activities for the letter Y:

  • Ask students to fill in their coloring sheet with various small objects that begin with the letter Y, such as, yellow beads, yellow pon-poms, yellow yarn, yellow ribbon and so on reinforcing their knowledge of the shape, the color yellow and the letter Y.

  • Help students to make the letter Y out of Popsicle sticks and glue them to a sheet of construction paper. Have students color or paint the letter Y.

  • Have students make the letter Y using yellow yarn laid on wax paper. Put the yarn in a mixture of water and glue so that when it is pulled off the paper it will keep its shape.

  • Teach students the American Sign Language (ASL) symbol for the letter Y.

Using these fun activities are sure ways to keep students interested. The great thing about this information is that teachers can modify these activities to suit their needs and those of their preschoolers when moving on to other letters in the alphabet.

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