Three Simple Egg Crafts for Preschool Students

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If you’re like me, you do not want a classroom or living room floor running with egg yolk. The following egg crafts are simple and clean, great for preschoolers during Easter, spring, or any other time of the year.

Stained Glass Eggs

Help your preschooler trace several egg shapes in pencil on a piece of black construction paper. Then draw a second egg shape inside the first to create the outline of the egg. Help your child cut out the outline. Then help them choose two or three colors of tissue paper for the inside of the egg. Lay the tissue paper in strips across the egg so that the entire inside is covered (the pieces should overlap slightly). Glue the tissue paper to the outline of the egg. Repeat with the rest of the egg outlines, and attach them to a string or a pipe cleaner so that you can hang them from your window.

Shell Collage

Buy egg dye and dye the shells of several eggs different colors, following the directions on the dye. With your child, break the shells into tiny pieces (this may be your preschooler’s favorite part of the craft), keeping the different colors separate. Lay out a piece of clear contact paper and tape down the corners to the table so that it doesn’t curl up. Show your child how to make an eggshell collage by adding the different colored shells to the contact paper. When your child is finished, cover the collage with a second piece of contact paper. Display the craft on the refrigerator or on your wall.

Nature Nest

This craft is a perfect wrap-up activity after you have explained to preschoolers how birds lay eggs in their nests. Help your preschooler collect sticks and twigs for your nest, just like a bird does. Show your child how to glue the sticks to a piece of construction paper so that they look like a bird’s nest. Encourage your child to use other materials from outside, such as leaves or pieces of bark, to create their nests. Help them to trace and cut out small eggs from white paper to add to the nest. Attach the eggs at their tops, leaving the bottoms able to swing open like a door. Help your child to draw small birds under the eggs. By pulling up on the eggs, your child can make the birds “hatch” time after time!

Let us know how these projects worked out for you!