Play an Animal Movement Game in Preschool: Fun Interactive Activity

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Before playing any educational game with your students, be sure that they are prepared to play the game by being familiar with the material. In this case the game is based on animal noises and movements. Use some of the tips below to practice animal movements and noises with your students.

  • Call out an animal’s name and ask the students to make the noise.
  • Name animals from children’s movies and ask students to tell you what kind of animal it is.
  • Call out animal names and ask students how they move.
  • Discuss various animals with your students using silly questions. Does a monkey fly? Does an elephant slither?
  • Ask children to demonstrate how particular animals move by asking them to move as their pets do.
  • Make an animal noise and ask children to name that animal.
  • Call out animals and ask children to demonstrate the movement of those animals while making the noise of that animal when possible. For instance, you may call out “butterfly” and they can flap their arms for wings, but will not be able to make the butterfly noise.

You can also practice animal movements and noises with such learning activities as the Very Busy Spider Activity and the Nature Activities for Kids.

After reviewing these animal noises and movements, continue on to the next section. Don’t forget to add these preschool movement activities to you collection of preschool activities!

Preschool Movement Activity

We’ve all played Simon Says before. The game is very simple. You say “Simon says…(insert request here)” and the students do the activity. Or you say the activity and the student is “out” for doing it because you didn’t say “Simon says”. Be sure that students understand the rules of the game before you begin. Do a couple of practice rounds to be sure that students grasp the concept.

This time, when you play “Simon Says”, you are only going to be doing activities that have to do with animals. Some examples of activities to use are listed below.

  • Crow like a rooster.
  • Slither like a snake.
  • Bark like a dog.
  • Flap your wings.
  • Snort like a pig.
  • Make the elephant noise.
  • Pretend your arm is an elephant trunk.

These are just some examples to use when playing the game. Get creative with this game based on the animals children have learned about.This is one of those preschool movement activities that not only teaches the children about animals, but also teachers them to listen carefully and follow instructions.