Make a Scrapbook Gift for Your Preschooler for Graduation or Any Time of the Year

Are you the parent of a preschooler? Do you want to make a special preschool gift for your child that will be treasured for a lifetime? Here are some ideas for making a scrapbook, with the help of your child, which can be given as a preschool graduation present, Christmas present, or any time of the year. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want – depending on the time and materials available to you.

Suggested Materials

  • Pre-made scrapbook that you can add to, or paper that you can bind together to make a book when you are finished
  • Glue, scissors, paint, crayons, stickers (anything you can think of!)
  • Pictures of your child and his or her class
  • Pictures that your child created
  • Programs from activities during the school year (special concerts, picnics, events)
  • A letter to your child written by his or her teacher


  1. Have your child paint or decorate the cover of the scrapbook.
  2. The first page can be a letter from you and other family members telling the child how proud you are of them, recounting special memories from the year, and telling him or her how much they are loved.
  3. Next, I would add pages full of pictures of your child and his or her class. Put stickers or decorations to make the book extra special. Don’t forget to add captions describing the pictures. Include any programs from the year with pictures from the specific event.
  4. Add pages of special pictures or crafts the child has made during year. You can put them in chronological order so that later your child can see how much he or she has progressed this year.
  5. Have your child dip his or her hands in paint to make a handprint picture. You can record your child’s height on this page as well.
  6. For the final page it is a nice touch to ask your child’s teacher to write your child a special letter to add to the book. I have never met a preschool teacher that would not be happy to do this for your child!
  7. If you did not use a pre-made book, you can take your pages to an office supply store for binding. You can even laminate it so it will last longer. Have your child decorate a box to keep it in.

Present the finished product to your child after preschool graduation, or wrap and put it under the tree. Your child will love looking through the pages and telling you about their life.

Hint: If this preschool graduation gift ever becomes forgotten, or stuck in the back of the closet through the years – dust it off! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to present it to your child again at high school or college graduation OR when your grandchild enters preschool?