Sensational Preschool Apple Poems Kids Love

Sensational Preschool Apple Poems Kids Love
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Poems Help Children Read

Poems, songs and finger plays help young children develop their memory and listening skills while comprehending rhyme and rhythm. Studies show that children who learn to rhyme and visualize pictures with words, have higher reading and comprehension skills. This year, show your little students that they are the apple of your eye with new preschool poems about apples, as well as activities that are simply sensational.

Five Little Apples Action Poem

Five Little Apples

Five little apples sitting in a tree. (Hold hands up in the air.)

The first one said, “I want to be free!” (Wave arms around.)

The second one said, “It’s spooky down there!” (Chatter teeth and shiver)

The third one said, “But we don’t care!” (shrug shoulders)

The fourth one said,” let’s rock and sway!” (Rock back and forth)

The fifth one said, “We fell, hooray!” (Fall on the ground)

Then the five little apples rolled out of sight, as they shouted “Hip, Hip, Hooray!” into the night. (Roll around)

By Lisa King

Five Little Apples Craft

Children will practice ordering numbers while making this cute craft to go with the poem, “The Five Little Apples.”


  • A copy of the Five Little Apples Poem
  • Black Paper
  • Glue
  • Brown and Green Paint
  • Five red apples cut from construction paper with the numbers one through five written on them

How to Make:

The teacher will give each child a copy of the poem, a sheet of heavy black paper and the apple cut-outs. The teacher will assist children in painting their forearm and hand with brown paint and pressing it on the paper for the tree trunk. Let the tree trunk dry. Next, using their thumbs and the green paint, students will make the crown of the tree and set the picture aside to dry. Glue the apples on the ground beside and under the tree in the correct order and glue a copy of the poem on the top of the black paper. Encourage preschoolers to make faces on their apples showing different emotions. One apple may be scared, happy or sad.

An Apple Fell on My Head

Try this original preschool apple poem:

An Apple Fell on My Head

Big, juicy apples in a tree.

Waiting for someone to pick them you see.

Here I come to pick them all.

I have to be careful or I just might fall.

Apple green or apple red, uh oh an apple fell on my head.

Dizzy, Dizzy, down I go,

onto the ground far below.

Ouch that hurt, but I’m okay.

Does an apple a day keep the doctor away?

By Lisa King

How Does An Apple Grow?

Preschoolers will love learning about the life cycle of an apple tree with this fun poem. Explain to your class that when we plant apple seeds it takes around ten years for a tree to grow big enough to produce apples. If Tina planted a seed when she was your age the tree would not be mature enough for apples to grow until Tina was a teenager. Most people buy apple trees at a nursery and plant them in the ground, that way it only takes a few years for the tree to reach maturity and start producing apples.

How Does an Apple Grow?

One day I planted an apple seed.

I waited for many years you see.

Then one day it grew into a big, tall, tree.

In the spring the tree had flowers of pink and white.

I dreamed of apples all through the night.

The summer brought lots of fun

I played every day in the bright, hot sun.

In the fall I looked at the tree.

There were lots of apples just for me.

I picked a basketful without a care.

When I returned in the winter the tree was bare.

When you see apples of every kind,

you know fall is close behind.

By Lisa King

After reading the poem encourage your students to make a seasons of the apple tree booklet, or a craft that shows each stage of the apple tree during the summer, fall, winter and spring.

Apple Printable Book

Preschoolers will love counting seeds and coloring their printable apple booklets that can be downloaded in the media gallery.

Materials for apple booklet:

  • 1 Booklet per student
  • Apple seeds
  • Glue
  • Crayons
  • Stapler
  • One apple any color for each child

Read the booklet together. The students will color the apples the appropriate colors and glue the correct number of seeds onto each apple. On the brown apple the children will draw a worm inside the apple.

Juicy Apples

Juicy Apples

Juicy apples are a treat.

Apples just cannot be beat.

Apples red and apples yellow

Some are tart and some are mellow.

I have got to get me some,

Apple orchard here I come.

By Lisa King

I’m a Little Apple Song

I’m a Little Apple (I’m a little teapot)

I’m a little apple red and sweet.

Juicy, yummy and good to eat.

When the wind starts blowing, down I go,

Onto the ground far below.

By Lisa King

Additional Apple Poems and Activities

In addition to my poems and apple booklet the Internet has some wonderful, preschool poems about apples along with other fun activities and apple crafts to help your class learn about the popular autumn fruit with all know and love. Just click on the links below to go to a few great preschool sites, such as Teaching Heart and The Virtual Vine.


Apple Theme/Unit;

The Virtual VIne;

Poems, book, activities and photos, courtesy of Lisa King, all rights reserved.