Making Paper Bag Puppets with Your Preschool Class

This craft is very easy for children to do and they will be able to do the majority (if not all) of it on their own. It only takes a few materials, steps and imagination!


  • A Paper Bag (about the size for school lunches)
  • Crayons, washable markers, or colored pencils.
  • Glue or Glue Dots.
  • You can also keep a few materials for decorating handy, such as:
  • Googly Eyes.
  • Construction Paper.
  • Buttons.
  • Safety Scissors.
  • Pipe Cleaners.

Students can use a variety of these materials to decorate their puppet.


1. First you will need to lay the paper bag flat down in your work area. Students will be working on the bottom of the paper bag first, which will be the face of the puppet.

2. First the preschoolers will draw the face on the bag however they want. They can simply draw the face on or use the additional materials. Maybe they want to glue on the googly eyes, use a button as a nose, and draw on the mouth! They may decide to cut out the face from construction paper and glue it on. Children can be as creative as they would like with their puppet’s face. Make sure your child does not soak the puppet in any glue used, and allow it to completely dry before moving on.

3. Next decorate the body of the puppet. If they are planning to color the body, then this should be done first. Once they are done coloring, they decorate with the additional materials if they would like. They can glue buttons down the body to act as shirt buttons, cut out and glue designs from the construction paper, or draw on the designs themselves. Another fun idea is to glue (or use Scotch tape) pipe cleaners to the puppet. The pipe cleaners can act as arms and legs. Let them decorate their puppet however they would like. Once again, do not let your child soak the puppet in glue and allow it to completely dry.

4. When the children are done decorating and the puppet has dried, it will be ready to be played with! Show the class how to stick their hands inside of the paper bag to make the puppet’s head move!

Paper bag puppets are very versatile and can go along with any lesson or theme. Have students decorate to look like a farm animal, or a self-portrait!