A Mosaic Preschool Sun Moon and Stars Craft and Song

A Mosaic Preschool Sun Moon and Stars Craft and Song
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Mosaic Sun, Moon, and Stars Craft

Sun Moon & Stars Craft 007

Discuss with students how the Earth revolves around the Sun and how the moon revolves around the Earth. Read books and show photographs to enhance learning before making this preschool sun, moon, and stars craft using different textured materials.


Blue cardstock paper

Ramon Noodles

Silver glitter



Blue, green, and yellow food coloring



  1. Draw a sun, Earth, crescent moon, and stars on the blue cardstock paper.
  1. Draw small triangles around a yellow circle to create the sun.

  2. Break the Ramon Noodles into small pieces and add yellow food coloring.

  3. Mix salt with blue and green food coloring for the water and land on the Earth.

  4. Break up white Styrofoam into small pieces.

  5. Once these steps are completed, cover the triangles and the inside of the sun with glue.

  1. The children will then place the broken yellow and orange pieces of Ramon noodles onto their sun. Move to gluing the moon, stars, and Earth. The students will put silver glitter on the stars, Styrofoam on the moon, and shake blue and green salt in the appropriate places on the Earth.

When they are finished let the project dry. This can be framed and hanged on the wall. This artwork could also be used as a craft for a space theme.

Sun Moon & Stars Craft 009

Sun Moon & Stars Craft 012

Sun Moon & Stars Craft 010

Earth, Sun, Moon, and Stars Poem

Earth, Sun, Moon, and Stars (tune of London Bridge)

When one side of the Earth is dark, Earth is dark, Earth is dark.

When one side of the Earth is dark, the other side is light.

The sun gives us heat and light, heat and light, heat and light.

The sun gives us heat and light and keeps us living.

The moon and stars are shining bright, shining bright, shining bright.

The moon and stars are shining bright all through the night.

Our Earth is spinning around the sun, around the sun, around the sun.

Our Earth is spinning around the sun, it never stops.

by Lisa King

Turning Night into Day Interactive Craft

Teach children that when it is day in one part of the Earth it is night in another part of the world, with this educational day and night craft.


Paper plates




Crayons and markers

Yellow, green, dark blue, light blue, and orange construction paper

Silver and blue glitter


  1. The teacher will draw and cut a big circle on light blue construction paper.
  1. Draw and cut a half circle (same diameter as the first circle) on dark blue construction paper

  2. Draw and cut out two white clouds, one yellow circle, and several orange triangles out of construction paper.

  3. Draw and cut out a white moon and two white stars out of construction paper.

  4. Students will glue the yellow circle to represent the sun with orange triangles around the circle on top of the light blue paper. Students will glue the two clouds on each side of the sun.

  5. Students will glue the white moon and stars onto the dark blue construction paper half. The teacher will apply glue on the moon and stars. Children will shake blue glitter on the moon and silver glitter on the stars.

  1. The teacher will glue the student’s dark blue paper with the moon and stars on the lower half of the light blue paper with the sun and clouds when it is dry. The finished product will then be glued to a paper plate for support.

  2. The teacher will cut the third (little more than half) circle from green construction paper. Draw a mark to emphasize the circle’s center.

  3. Think of a foreground for your rotating picture. You can make a mountain scene with a house, like this one, or a city full of skyscrapers. Your main picture should cover half of the circle and there should be a background image that covers the very center of the circle, such as the mountains in the middle of this picture. This point will serve as the pivot for your rotating picture.

  4. Students will finish decorating the last half-circle with markers and crayons.

  5. When the children are finished decorating their half-circle the teacher will place it on top of the other circle and attach with a brad. The finished product will transform from a sunny day to a starry night.

Day and Night Craft 001

Day and Night Craft 004

day and night craft 006

Children love learning about the Earth, moon, and stars. Have children observe the night sky. Name the different moon phases. Help children discover how our Earth works with these fun, interactive crafts.


Crafts are authors own experience

Photos and poem, by Lisa King, all rights reserved.