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The Unicorn of the Sea Narwhal Craft and Song

written by: Lisa King • edited by: Amanda Grove • updated: 9/11/2012

The narwhal is an interesting creature that has a spiral tusk that resembles a unicorn's horn. Introduce preschool children to a strange creature in the sea with this narwhal preschool craft. Continue reading to discover how children can learn the characteristics and diet of the unicorn of the sea.

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    Facts About this Unicorn of the Sea

    The narwhal is a strange whale that lives in the Arctic Ocean. It is known as "the unicorn sea whale," because the males have spiral tusks, like the fictional unicorn, that erupts from their upper jaw. The tusk grows up to 10" long. Scientist believes the tusk, or tooth, acts like a sensor, by detecting changes in water temperature and pressure. They have a dark bluish, spotted gray color at birth, which turns lighter with age. This strange creature does not have ears; they feel vibrations, like dolphins, using echolocation. Their favorite food is shrimp, fish, and crab.

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    Spy on a Narwhal Porthole

    Narwhal Aquarium Diorama 003 Narwhal Porthole Craft2 002 Students will learn what the narwhal looks like and what they eat, while creating this porthole craft.

    Material needed:

    Two blue paper plates per student

    White cardstock paper

    Gold glitter glue


    Paint (a variety of colors)


    Narwhal (male and female), crab, and fish template

    Orange M&Ms

    Clear plastic



    Fishing line and hole punch is optional


    1) Give each student a male and female narwhal, crab, and fish to paint with the correct colors. Male narwhals should be painted gray with black spots and spiral lines on the tusks. Students may need assistance with the spiral lines on the tusk, or the teacher can have these already painted.

    2) Give students a blue paper plate. Have them spread glitter glue on the bottom to represent sand. The teacher will cut out the sea creatures from the cardstock paper after they have dried. Students will place the crab and fish in the glitter glue. Glue narwhals above the sand.

    3) The teacher will cut a large circle in the second paper plate this will be the porthole. Students will paint the porthole a brass or dark orange color and glue orange M&Ms around it to represent rivets.

    4) The teacher will then take clear plastic and tape on the inside of the porthole and staple the two plates together for each student.

    The teacher can poke two holes at the top and tie with fishing line, so the child can hang it up in their room. Children will love spying on this special whale while discovering their unique features and diet.

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    Mr. Narwhal Song

    Reinforce learning about the narwhal with this fun song to use during circle time.

    Mr. Narwhal Song (tune of Mr. Sun)

    Oh Mister Narwhal, Narwhal,

    Mister spotted narwhal,

    You are the sea unicorn.

    Oh Mister Narwhal, Narwhal,

    Mister spotted narwhal,

    You have a long, ivory tusk

    People all around

    are asking you,

    to please come out

    so we can look at you.

    Oh Mister Narwhal, Narwhal,

    Mister Spotted Narwhal,

    You are the sea

    You are the sea

    You are the sea unicorn!

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    Additional Narwhal Crafts

    Narwhal Aquarium Diorama 001 Narwhal Craft 002 An edible creation and sun catcher craft will reinforce learning about this strange sea creature.



    Pre-cut narwhal from wax paper



    The teacher will cut a narwhal out of waxed paper and tape it to the table so children can paint it.

    Ingredients for an edible narwhal preschool craft:


    Blue food coloring

    Carrots or Bugles


    Cream cheese

    How to make:

    The teacher will hand each student a piece of toast and carrot or Bugle. They will tear the toast to create a narwhal. Help the children when adding the blue coloring to the cream cheese and spread over toast. Add the M&Ms for eyes and mouth and the carrot or Bugle for the horn.

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    Most children and some adults are fascinated with the mystical unicorn. The narwhal is the only known creature to have a horn like a unicorn’s, which makes it even more interesting. Making crafts and singing songs about this magnificent creature will help children learn about this mysterious creature of the sea.

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    Narwhal Facts,


    Crafts and song by Lisa King

    Photos by Lisa King, all rights reserved