Six Preschool Pig Crafts With “The Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jigs”

Jillian Jiggs and the Pigs!

Gather the children together and share with them The Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs by Phoebe Gilman. This book is the perf


ect introduction to making a preschool pig craft. After reading the book have fun with the rhyming words of Jillian Jiggs and pigs. What else rhymes with pig and pigs? (big, dig, digs, fig, figs, jig, jigs, wig, wigs, zig, zigs). Make up silly sentences using the words.

Suggest to the students that they could be like Jillian Jiggs and make a roomful of pigs! Look at the instructions at the back of the book and tell the students that this is a pattern for making pigs. This is just one way to make them, but that they are going to be "entrepreneurs" and experiment with different patterns.

Oodles of Pigs!

Set up stations so that students may choose what kind of pig they would like to craft:

  • Provide cardboard toilet rolls, pink paper, pink paint, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and egg carton "cups". Paint the cardboard toilet roll and four egg carton cups pink. Glue the cups to the toilet roll middle to form the feet. Add a circle of pink paper to the end of the roll to make the face and curl a pipe cleaner to attach as a tail.
  • Simple paper mache pigs can be made using a small air-filled balloon as a base. Paste strips of newsprint onto the balloon. Add egg carton sections for legs and snout. When the work is dry paint the whole body pink and add a curly pipe cleaner tail.
  • Brown paper lunch bags make lovely pig puppets. Add a pink circle to the folded part of the bag for the nose. Add two pink paper triangles for ears and paint or crayon eyes.
  • Take a two-cup section from an egg carton and bend the two sections together. Glue and let dry. Paint the model pink. Decorate with a pink felt nose (or paper), add two triangle shapes for ears and a curly tail.
  • For a really simple craft provide paper plates. Paint the plate pink and add pig features with any junk materials available.
  • Maybe you have a bag of pink pom poms from a craft store. Allow the students to experiment with them. Either glue several together and add the pig features with fabric or felt scraps, buttons, paper etc, or use the pom poms to decorate a simple pig picture.

Extend the Activities

  • After the students have chosen their particular preschool pig craft to complete, suggest that they could use them to make up a play. Lead them in a song such as To market to market to buy a fat pig, Home again, home again, jiggety jig.
  • Make a large floor map of a farm. A sand box could also be used as a base for this activity. Students can use a variety of junk materials such as egg cartons, Plasticine and such to create structures, equipment and other animals. Add some of the pig crafts to the area.
  • Make a maze with building blocks and invite the students to help their piggy find its way home through the maze.

Never Too Many Pigs

Read pig stories together. Suggestions:

Pigs by Robert Munsch: A riotous story about the pigs on Megan's farm. "Don't open the gate!" warns Megan's father!

The Piggy in the Puddle by Charlotte Pomerantz: A story about a young pig that refuses to leave her mud puddle.

Display all the wonderful preschool pig crafts around the room. When visitors arrive, ask the children to take the role of a farmer and escort the visitor around to see all their efforts.


These activities are based on the author's own classroom experiences.