Great Toddler and Preschool Books About Teeth and Going to the Dentist

Learning About the Dentist

Learning about the dentist is an important, but scary thing for preschool children. To ease children into the topic of dentistry we can happily turn to some great dentist books. These books provide a fun and colorful, yet educational approach to this tough lesson. Some of the best books for preschoolers all about visiting the dentist are:

  • Freddie Visits the Dentist by Nicola Smee
  • Show Me Your Smile! A Visit to the Dentist by Christine Ricci
  • Going to the Dentist by Anne Civardi

Freddie Visits the Dentist

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Freddie Visits the Dentist is written by Nicola Smee. This toddler book teaches children about caring for their teeth. Mom takes Freddie and his Bear to the dentist for the first time. Freddie gets to sit in the chair while the dentist checks out Freddie's teeth. The dentist is able to teach Freddie and Bear all about cleaning their teeth properly and carefully.

It is very important that children learn how to properly care for their teeth and what better way then through a great story and wonderful illustrations!

Show Me Your Smile!


This book includes the well known Dora the Explorer! In Show Me Your Smile! written by Christine Ricci. A Visit to the Dentist, Dora and her mom explore the dentist's office. Dora has her teeth cleaned and much more. At the end of her visit with the dentist she gets a special treat for being such a brave patient.

Dora begins in the waiting room where she plays with the toys and other kids. She waits there for the dental assistant to call her for her visit.

When Dora is in the dentist's office she sees the special chair and the bright lights. Dora talks about what they are used for. Dora then talks all about having x-rays done. Dora talks about all the dentist's instruments as well. The dentist then gives Dora some important dental advice: "Brush after breakfast and again before bedtime."

Unfortunately the dentist finds a cavity in Dora's X-ray and Dora explains the tools the dentist will use to fill the cavity. At the end of Dora's visit the dentist gives her a new toothbrush and a sticker!

This book will teach children what to expect when at the dentist, as well as proper care for our teeth.

Going to the Dentist

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This toddler book is titled Going to the Dentist, written by Anne Civardi. This book is one of a series of books, teaching children about first experiences. This book keeps kids interested and happy, while learning the friendly aspect of first time situations.

This book shares about the process of visiting the dentist. A brother and sister are visiting the dentist. The sister has her teeth looked at and cleaned, and she is healthy. Her brother however is told he has a cavity. The book explains the process of filing the cavity. The book briefly reviews about what is good and what is bad for our teeth.

Helping Kids Prepare for the Dentist

These books are sure to help any student prepare for their first visit to the dentist. These books all teach students that it is not scary to visit the dentist, that it is important to help our friends when they are scared or nervous, and that the dentist has many tools that he may use for dental procedures to help keep your teeth clean and healthy. These books also review how important it is to care for our teeth properly. These wonderful, adorable, and colorful toddler dentist books are sure to help students with their first trip to the dentist.

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