Five Educational Preschool Crafts on Respect

Respect is regard or consideration for others, self and possessions. These


preschool crafts on respect may be supplemented by the series of books in Learning to Get Along Series by Cheri J. Meiners, M.Ed.; Free Spirit Publishing. Share one of these books with your students and use the helpful questions and suggestions found in each one. Respect and Take Care of Things, also by Cheri J. Meiners, M.Ed, helps children recognize how important it is to take care and give respect for possessions.

Respect for My Books

Discuss with your students how important books are to all of us. Ask them why they should take care of them. What happens if they are damaged or lost? Give each student a copy of My Bookmark and invite them to decorate it and to sign their name acknowledging that they will take care of their books.

Respect for the Special People in my Life

There are many occasions throughout the school year when students may make a special effort to respect their parents, grandparents, teachers or other caregivers in their lives. Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparents Day and so on are all special days. However, students should realize that every day is a day to respect these important people. To celebrate this thought you may like to have an Appreciation Party.

Each student should make an invitation to their special person. On flower shaped paper encourage students to write their own words or dictate them. Include R.S.V.P. on the invitation. Children love to learn this French phrase and what it means (Respondez s'il vous plait).

Each student should make a "Certificate" for their guest. On a paper print the words "This is to certfy that __________ is the best _______ . Signed _______" the student will decorate with crayons and markers and maybe attach a ribbon bow in the corner.

Each student should make a small gift to give to their guest (See below in Respect for the Environment for suggestions).

Each student should make a corsage for their guest. On pieces of leaf-shaped construction paper glue tissue paper "twists" very close together. They can be pinned to the recipient's lapel with large straight pins.

At the party sing songs. Encourage students who play an instrument to take a turn, read charts telling about respect for all things. Serve finger foods and juice.

Respect for the Environment

Discuss with students how we can all respect our environment. Emphasize the need to recycle and to re-use.

Make craft projects out of "throw away" things:

Alligators made from toothpaste boxes. Cover box with green paper, add a construction paper head with white teeth and a construction paper tail. Glue on four construction paper feet.

A "Snow Globe" made from a baby food jar. In the jar put sea shells, sequins, glitter, small "found" light objects. Add water with a few drops of glycerine. Put lid on very tightly!

Respect for Each Other

Discuss how we can show respect for our friends. Refer to consideration and kindness. Give each child a sheet of paper folded in half. On one side ask them to draw a picture of a friend in difficulty e.g. being teased or fallen over. On the other half ask them to draw a picture to show how they could help their friend in this situation.

Provide small strips of paper and ask students to draw a picture of a kind thing they have done on each strip. Link them together to form a necklace and allow the students to wear their "Nice Necklaces."

Respect Means Using Good Manners

Discuss with students the importance of good manners and how this helps us all to respect each other and get along. Provide large sheets of light card and encourage students to decorate to make placemats. On each placemat print the words "Thank you" and "Please."

By using these preschool crafts on respect you will be teaching consideration for all.



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