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Three Cute Preschool Skunk Crafts

written by: Bright Hub Education Writer • edited by: Wendy Finn • updated: 8/2/2012

If you are looking for a change to your forest animals theme for preschool, check out this article. In it you will find skunk preschool craft ideas that your students are sure to love!

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    Skunk Fun

    If you are looking for a change of pace from bears, snakes and frogs, try your hand at one of these preschool skunk craft ideas. Whether you use them as an activity in your forest animals lesson plan or as standalone crafts, they will offer your students the opportunity to become more familiar to this terribly potent animal.

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    Skunk Shadow Puppet

    Skunk Shadow Puppet 

    Materials Needed:

    -Popsicle stick (one for each child)

    -white construction or card stock paper pre-cut in the shape of a skunk (one for each child)

    -black tempera paint



    Create a skunk shadow puppet with your class, and you will have them coming up with skunk related stories in no time! Prior to hand out, pre-cut a skunk from a piece of construction paper or card stock. An image is provided as reference, but feel free to individualize your skunk.

    Cut-out "white lines" on both the tail and past the head. These "white lines" will show up nicely on the wall. Hand each student the pre-cut skunk. Have black tempera paint and brushes available for the students. Due to the nature of shadow puppets this step is not necessary, but if the students want to use this skunk puppet in the traditional sense they can. Have them paint their skunks and allow them to dry.

    Once dry, have the students glue their Popsicle stick to the puppet. Once secured, show them how to point a flashlight behind their puppet to see the shadow being cast upon the wall.

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    Skunk Head

    Skunk Head 

    Materials Needed:

    -shower cap (one for each child)

    -black felt circle 10" in diameter (one for each child)

    -white felt rectangle 10"x2" cut so it comes to a point at one end (one for each child)


    This craft is a fun one to fashion, and your students will have a blast wearing their creations! Hand out a shower cap to each student along with the pre-cut black felt circle and pointed rectangle. Help them glue the white felt to the black felt. Once completed, glue the felt circle to the shower cap (as it is being stretched). To do this correctly, glue the back of the black felt (sans white part) to the cap, so that when placed the white-lined felt is left on top.

    Once dry, show them how to place the shower cap over their hair, with the pointed end of the white felt pointing toward their noses. Watch your students instantly "grow" a skunk head!

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    Skunky Sock

    Skunky Sock Materials Needed:

    -black sock (one for each child)

    -white tempera paint


    -two googly eyes or paper hole reinforcement stickers (one pair for each child)


    Another fun skunk preschool craft idea, involves the use of a plain old black sock to create a puppet. Any size will do. Have them paint a white stripe along the "back" of their skunk sock and glue on the eyes. Once dry they will have a skunky sock puppet perfect for any puppet theater production!

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    Used alone or along with a forest animal theme, these preschool skunk craft ideas will be a welcome change of pace. Watch your students become familiar with this odorous forest animal. If possible, enhance these crafts with an example of a skunk's smell, and watch the faces of your little ones grasp the full image of a skunk!

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    Due to the nature of these crafts and the age of the students all of these craft projects will require helpers.

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