Art Ideas for the Kindergarten Classroom: Learning the Colors of the Rainbow

Art Ideas for the Kindergarten Classroom: Learning the Colors of the Rainbow
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Many Students Already Know Their Colors

With this art lesson plan for Kindergarten, the students will be familiar with the colors of the rainbow and will be able to right the first letter of each of the colors. Begin by learning what the students already know about rainbows. Ask them if they have ever seen one, or what one looks like. Ask them if they think rainbows are beautiful. Ask them what colors they think are in a rainbow. Do your best to gage which of your students are going to need the most help. By the end of the lesson, you should be able to determine which students know their colors and which do not.

Art (Rainbow)

Project images of rainbows onto a screen. Using a projector or Promethean board is fine, and see if your students can raise their hand and name the colors. If you feel as though your students can recognize the colors tell them that you are going to play a game:

The students will return to their desks and each will draw a rainbow. Have the appropriate crayons already available on their desks. When they finish have them write the name of the color, which should already be written somewhere in the room, beside each color. If they can’t write the name of the color have them simply write the first letter of the color.


Have each student write his or her favorite color on the back of the worksheet. Have them ask one another “What’s your favorite color?” and answer correctly. Model this with a student before you begin the sharing. Then have a student volunteer to come to the front of the class. Tell the students that they need to raise their hands to guess what that person’s favorite color is. The student in the front of the class shows the color they wrote on the back of the worksheet when another student answers the question correctly. After you finish the first game, if there is time, ask the students to raise their hands if they can answer the question “What color starts with R?” When the students get the answer right, point to the work on the board and the color on the rainbow. Do this for every color in the rainbow.

Art (Listening Exercise)

Now have the students sit down at their desks. Give them a blank piece of paper, or pass out whiteboards if you have them. Tell the students that they are going to draw the color that you say, but only when you say it. Tell them to draw the letter “U” first. Begin with red. Do this for every color of the rainbow until they have a complete rainbow. Make sure to put the rainbows up for display and reference them in later lessons. Having student-created art around the room will help your Kindergarten class remember the lessons in future days.

Share Your Art Lesson Plans

If you have art lesson plans for Kindergarten you are willing to share, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.