Ideas for a 100th Day of School Project

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100 Days of School Celebration

Teachers and students alike love 100 Day of School projects. Not only is this an occasion to celebrate milestones (more than halfway through the school year), it’s also a great opportunity to reinforce math skills with kindergartners and first graders. Every aspect of the day revolves around 100. 100 snacks, 100 jumping jacks, 100 books…

Literacy Ideas

For a literacy 100th day of school project, share the book, I Can Count 100 Bunnies by Cyndy Szekeres’ with your class. Make bunny headbands by cutting two 2-inch strips of construction paper lengthwise from a piece of construction paper. Draw bunny ears on another piece of construction paper and cut the ears out. Staple the two strips of construction paper together at one end. Now bring the other ends together to form a circle. Fit the circle to your head and staple the two pieces together so you have a headband. Staple the bunny ears to the headband for your very own set of bunny ears to wear while you read the story. Bring marshmallow bunnies (similar to Peeps) to share with your friends.

Math Ideas

Choose a small, favorite item and make a “100 things” collage. For example, find 100 different buttons and glue them to a piece of heavy cardstock. Other options for your collage might include cereal, pasta, stamps or stickers. Create a graph showing how to count by 10s. In the first column, glue ten items. In the second column, glue twenty items, and so forth.

Writing Ideas

Try this 100th day of school project for writing. Create a “100” book to share with your class. At the bottom of each page, write something about 100. For example, one page might say, “If I had 100_________, I would______________. " Another page might say, “I wouldn’t want 100______ because__________.” Fill in the blanks and illustrate your book. Think about what you’ll be like when you are 100 years old. Write a story about what you might look like, what you do for a job, where you live or what you do for fun. On a large sheet of posterboard make a “100” list and illustrate it. Topics might include 100 good things to eat or 100 fun places to go.

Science Ideas

For this experiment, you’ll need a small glass jar, 1 tbsp. yeast, 2 tbsp. sugar and 1/4 cup warm water. Before you demonstrate the experiment, ask the class, “What animal can grow 100 times larger in ten minutes?” Record the student’s responses on a sheet of posterboard. Place the sugar and yeast in a bowl and add the warm water. Stir and wait ten minutes. The yeast will expand up to 100 times its original size!

Social Studies Ideas

Identify on a map, cities and landmarks that are 100 miles north, east, south and west of where you live. Write a story about what was happening 100 years ago. Who was president? How did people get around? How did people dress and live?