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Scarecrow Art Project: Kindergarten Art Shapes Review

written by: ARobin • edited by: Wendy Finn • updated: 1/5/2012

This art project is not only a cute autumn decoration, but it also helps in the review of shapes and colors with the kindergarten children. Even though all of the shapes should be pre-cut prior to this arty project, the children will have the opportunity to find the correct shape when instructed.

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    I came up with the idea to do this project when planning a lesson plan during my first year of teaching. My preschool director was so impressed with how cute the project turned out, that she requested that I incorporate it into my lesson plans each year. I did this project over and over each autumn for 12 years in preschool classes, Kindergarten, 2nd and even 3rd grade. Over the years, it became such a popular project that parents would ask about it at open house times! The following are the directions for the "Scarecrow" art project.

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    • 1 large paper bag for every 2 students
    • Liquid glue or glue stick
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    * Cut out one large circle from construction paper.

    * Cut out circles for the eyes on brown construction paper-2 for each student.

    * Cut out triangles for the nose on orange construction paper-1 for each student.

    * Cut out crescent shaped mouths on yellow construction paper-1 for each student.

    * Cut out squares and rectangles for the hats on black construction paper-1 square and 1 rectangle for each student.

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    Student Instructions

    1. One paper bag will make two faces. Trace and cut out a large circle from the paper bag. I have always traced a large dinner plate.

    2. To trace circles for the eyes, use something small like a film canister.

    3. For a perfect nose, I have always traced a triangle wooden block. The edges are rounded which gives the scarecrows nose a more "cartoon" effect.

    4. To create a crescent, carefully free-hand a crescent shape to use as a pattern. Be sure that you stay with in the proper proportions of the scarecrow's face.

    5 The square and rectangle will be glued together to form a scarecrow's hat. Again, you will have to free-hand a square and a rectangle, so keep in mind the proper measurements of the scarecrow's head.

    Instruct the children to glue shapes in the proper places on the paper bag face. Display scarecrow faces on the wall.

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