Pre K Falling Leaves Lesson Plan: A Fun Fall Project

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This Pre K fall harvest lesson plan introduces the fall season to your class. After completing this lesson, your students will be able to identify that leaves fall from trees during autumn. Use this lesson plan as part of a unit on fall or as a part of a unit on seasons. This lesson could also be used on its own.


It’s Fall by Linda Glaser

Brown and blue construction paper (9x12)—one sheet of each color per student

Tissue paper in fall colors (red, brown, yellow, etc)



Prior Knowledge

Take a walk outside and have students look at the trees. Have them observe what is happening to the leaves.


Ask your Pre K class if they know what season it is. Explain that there are four seasons and that it is fall. Show students the cover of the book. Have them make predictions about what they think the book will be about. Stop to discuss the pictures and what is happening in the story. After you finish reading, talk about what happens during fall.


Pass out brown construction paper to your Pre K class. Have them tear out a trunk and branches from the brown construction paper to make a tree. Some students may need help with this. Pass out the glue and have them glue the tree they made onto the blue construction paper.

Pass out tissue paper to your students. Give each student one sheet of every color. Make sure that you have a sheet to use as a demonstration. Show students how to tear the tissue paper into squares. Then, have them tear up their tissue paper. After they have done that, have them wad up all the squares to make leaves.

Talk about the walk you took. Ask students where the leaves were. Make sure they remember that some leaves were left on the trees but most were on the ground. Show students how to dip the wadded up tissue squares into the glue and attach them to the tree. Have students place the leaves on their pictures. Circulate around the room and remind students to place the leaves on the tree and on the ground.

These pictures make a great bulletin board display. A wonderful title would be, “Fall into Autumn.”


Find and cut out pictures of each season. Try to find pictures that have trees in them. Have your students come up during free play one at a time. Show them the four pictures and have them identify which picture shows fall.


Teach about the other three seasons and when they occur during the year. Teach about the characteristics of each season.