Classic Autumn Leaf Project For Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

What You Will Need

1 paper lunch sack per student

collection of colorful leaves

1 white poster board for each student



Project Steps

Plan for the class to take a nature walk, where children will collect leaves in the provided paper sacks. Note: if your school yard does not have any trees to provide colorful leaves for this project, take the children on a field trip to a local park or nature trail.

Once back in the classroom, instruct children to be creative with their collage. While some children may haphazardly glue leaves onto the poster board, others may design “leaf people”. All creations are a work of art and should be celebrated.

Display the “Fall Collages” on the wall for no longer than a week. If the leaves are displayed for a longer period of time, they will begin to crumble and make a mess.

For older students, instruct them to write a paragraph about their experience on the nature walk. What did they see? What did they enjoy? Ask them why the leaves fall?

This autumn leaf project may be a classic, but the children always enjoy getting outside (the teachers do too!), and it’s always interesting to see what the students create and what they write. Often this times well with the school’s open house, making your classroom bright and festive, as only nature and creative minds can.