Kindergarten Lesson Plan: First Aid Safety Lesson Plan

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Preventing Injury

The best way to begin a kindergarten lesson plan on first aid safety is to ask the children to discuss their own injuries. Ask them if they have ever gotten hurt, or if they have any “boo boos.” Discuss what happened and how it happened. Because kids love to talk about their scrapes and cuts, limit the discussion time to a few minutes.

Then make a list of the types of injuries that they mentioned and add a few of your own, including scrapes, cuts, black and blue marks, and burns. Ask children to discuss how they could have prevented their injuries. Elicit responses about being more careful, listening to parents and guardians, moving more slowly, staying away from hot areas, never using knives, and staying away from cut glass.

Treating Injury

Show the class a sample first aid kit, and explain that there are several ways to treat an injury that occurs. Hold up an adhesive bandage from the first aid kit, and ask students what its use is. Then ask them what else they can do to help heal the injuries that you listed. For example, they might mention that you should keep a cut clean and keep the bandage on, that you should put a small burn under cold water, or that you should put an ice pack on a black and blue mark to keep it from swelling.

Medical Treatment

If possible, bring in a medical professional to speak with the class. If this is not possible, dress up in a doctor’s coat and a toy stethoscope and pretend to be a doctor. Explain what a doctor might do if a child gets hurt, and call up volunteers to help you demonstrate. For example, you might explain that sometimes a kid might fall and twist her ankle. Emphasize the importance of alerting an adult about the injury, and explain that the adult might decide to call a doctor. Demonstrate how the doctor would help the child, and might give her crutches or put her leg in a cast so that it will heal.

This first aid safety lesson plan will help the children understand that injuries happen, and that the adults around them can help them heal. It will also emphasize to kindergarten children the importance of preventing injuries before they occur.