Sense of Sight Lesson Plan for Kindergarten

Sense of Sight Lesson Plan for Kindergarten
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Sense of Sight Lesson Plan

Kindergarten students will learn about their sense of sight in this science lesson plan. The teacher will integrate reading and writing in

the lesson.

Teacher Preparation:

  • To begin, teachers cut pictures of large objects or people from magazines for children to see only through a small square, which will serve as a window. Students will look through the square “window” to make an educated guess about what they see and what the object may be. Glue the pictures that are chosen to a piece of construction paper to make them sturdy.

  • Next, teachers cut a small square in the center of a piece of construction paper (as the window view), one for each child, and one as a model to use.

  • Next, take writing paper with lines, cut two lines out and glue them onto the bottom of the picture that was cut out from the magazine. Students will write a sentence, “I see a ______________.”, at the bottom of the page.

  • Last, staple the top edge of the construction paper with the window view, over the page with the picture.


  • Read, Brown, Bear, Brown, Bear, What Do You See? by, Bill Martin and Eric Carle as a shared reading text. Focus on the words, I see a…. Review the words daily, write them, and find them in other books.

Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See

  • Read, Sense Suspense: A Guessing Game for the Five Senses, by Bruce McMillan, or another sense book that you use in the classroom. I think that this one compliments this lesson plan. In this book, there are close-up pictures that puzzle the reader and the students have to guess at what the object is. They discover what is in the photo when they turn the page.

  • Tell the students that one of our senses is sight, or review this information if it has already been taught. We use our body part the eyes to see. Tell the students that some people have limited vision or no vision (called blindness) and explain how that must be difficult. Have the students name some things that we do with our sense of sight.


  • Show the students an example that you have made. Students have to take a good guess at what is behind the photo before they can look. Give each student their own to try.

  • Have the students write the sentence, I see a ________. Display the adorable activity on a bulletin board, with an attractive title, such as, Kindergarten, Kindergarten, What Do You See?