Solid Pointers For Choosing the Perfect Preschool Teacher Gift

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The holidays are a very busy time for everyone. Beyond the normal daily routines and responsibilities, the holiday season adds the stress of shopping for gifts, decorating inside and outside the house, baking cookies, cooking large family meals, and writing out Christmas cards to family and friends. In addition to all these things, you also have to find the perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list. This article will help you save time by providing you with several ideas for a perfect Pre-K teacher gift to help you spread holiday cheer!

Great Gifts for Preschool Teachers

It is usually hard enough to find a great gift for family members and friends who you know very well. However, it can often be even more challenging to find a great gift for your child’s teacher whom you may not know much about. You do not often know their likes, dislikes, and other information used to make such decisions. Below are some fail-proof ideas for teachers!

  • The most obvious way to choose a gift for your child’s teacher is to ask the child’s school if they have any bio sheets on the teachers. Many schools keep a binder with an information sheet on each teacher about likes and dislikes. They are often kept in the office, but these can be a great source of information for picking out a personal gift.

  • Another great source for information is your child. Although many young students may not be very helpful, children around 3 years and older can often give you inside information. The teacher may not tell them what their favorite candy bar or hobby is, but children are very observant. They may notice that their teacher drinks a certain brand of soda every day or that the teacher gets Starbucks Coffee every morning. They also pick things up in conversations. Maybe a teacher mentions in Monday morning carpet time that she likes to go to the movies or that she loves to work in her garden. These can be very helpful hints for putting together a thoughtful gift.

  • Many people do not realize it, but teachers spend large amounts of their own money on their classrooms. One way to ease that burden is to buy gifts for the classroom for the holidays. Teachers always love receiving new games, puzzles, toys, books, and craft supplies. In addition, these types of gifts directly benefit your child.

  • When all else fails, the best gift is always a gift card! This allows the teacher to use it to buy something you know they will want and love. Restaurant gift cards are great because they are perfect on those late nights when they do not feel like cooking. Not sure what your child’s teacher likes? Discount stores, such as Wal-Mart and Target, are always great choices!

  • Not a lot of money? Don’t worry! Rest assured that no teacher goes into the profession for the money or the gifts. They go into it because they have a love for children, and they form bonds with their students. Teachers love homemade gifts. Let your child express their love and appreciation for their teacher by creating a masterpiece. Even if you buy a gift for your child’s teacher, have your child make the card by hand. It is not only a keepsake to remind them of your child, but it also shows that the gift and appreciation is coming for the child, as well as the parent.

Happy Holidays

Choosing the right gifts for everyone on your list is a hard task. People you do not know as well, such as your child’s preschool teacher can be even harder. Spreading holiday cheer can be made easy through giving these Pre-K teacher gifts. So run out and get your teacher gifts and begin enjoying the holiday season! Happy Holidays!!!