Parent Teacher Communication Ideas: Welcome Letters

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Preparation is the Key!

More and more preschool programs send out Welcome Letters to parents each year. These beginning of the year letters open the lines of communication early between parents and teachers. Some of the things included in a welcome letter are parent teacher communication ideas and program goals for the school year, allowing parents the opportunity to build on what is being learned in school at home.

Welcome to Our Program!

These letters are extremely helpful tools for both the parent and the teacher, and typically serve as friendly reminders of what was covered at preschool orientation. For parents that did not have the opportunity of a preschool orientation or did not receive a “Welcome Letter” all is not lost. The average “Welcome Letter” is simply broken down into two areas: Gentle Reminders and Program Goals.

Gentle Reminders

After the happy “welcome” the letter will often open into gentle reminders for parents.Such as:

  • Teacher/Staff Introductions
  • Drop-off/Pick-Up Time
  • Medical/Dental paperwork filled out and brought that first day
  • Tuition payment schedule if applicable
  • Attire, often preschools ask that an additional outfit be left at the school in case of “accidents”
  • Supply lists

Program Goals

Typically preschools use these letters to inform parents where they are headed as an educational program. Program goals towards which a child is geared to learn while at preschool are often listed. Some of these activities used for developmental and cognitive skill acquisition could be:

  • Following simple directions
  • Raising their hand before speaking
  • Writing own name or part of their name
  • Listening to others
  • Sharing
  • Increase vocabulary

Be Well Informed

Preschool programs that adopt this procedure of sending out Welcome Letters allow for everyone to start off on the right foot. Parents, take the time to read through these letters, make a checklist of what is needed, and come prepared. If you are questioning what is needed contact your preschool prior to the first day of school.

Continue the practice of spreading parent teacher communication ideas. Teachers will be grateful for any student information that can be used to create a positive educational experience. In addition parents are grateful to be kept informed of how their child is progressing in the classroom environment, a first experience for many. This parent teacher relationship should be reinforced from both sides continually. Welcome letters are a great place to start!

Often the program goals mentioned in the letter could be enhanced from home. For example, if a parent is made aware that “raising a hand before speaking” is a goal, then they could work on that practice at home for fun. Remember, when everyone is on the same page educationally the student is the one who wins.