Prepare your Child for Kindergarten With These Four Books on Going to School

Eliza’s Kindergarten Suprise by Alice McGinty

No list of books for Kindergarten is complete without Eliza’s Kindergarten Surprise by Alice B. McGinty

eliza kindergarten surprise

. To get ready for Kindergarten, you can read this book to students and make a clothespin doll like Eliza does in the book. Here’s a quick summary of the story:

Like many of your students, Eliza misses her mom on the first day of Kindergarten. She doesn’t want to do anything because she is too sad. Her mother put a kiss in the pocket of her jumper, but that is not helping either. She starts collecting things that remind her of her mom such as buttons like Mom’s shoes, a red napkin like her dress and so on. Eventually, she gets the idea to make a clothespin doll that looks like her mom. Then she carries her mom in her pocket, and she can do all the Kindergarten activities with her mom!

Welcome to Kindergarten by Anne Rockwell

welcome to kindergarten by anne rockwell

Another book on the list is Welcome to Kindergarten. Some children are apprehensive, and so Welcome to Kindergarten by Anne Rockwell can help them understand what it is like to be a Kindergarten student.

Quick Summary:

At an open house, a little boy and his mom explore the new Kindergarten classroom. He gets to try out some of the classroom centers and activities. He finds a friend and eats cookies! After this experience, he is not so worried about attending Kindergarten in the big, tall building.

The Night Before Kindergarten by Natasha Wing

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This book on the list of books for Kindergarten is based on other works children may have read. The Night Before Kindergarten by Natasha Wing will help children feel at ease. This is a fun book to read out loud and share with children, obviously based on The Night Before Christmas.

Quick Summary:

In this book, children and parents get ready the night before for the big day, and it also deals with going to the first day of Kindergarten, using the format of the original poem. Most students will have probably heard the original; and for a fun activity, you can compare the two.

Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten by Joe Slate

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Who doesn’t love Miss Bindergarten? This is one of those books on the list of books for Kindergarten that lives on and on, and it is even a series. You can use the entire series to get ready for Kindergarten. An activity you can do with this book is to make your own ABC book about your classroom or your students.

Quick Summary:

This is a clever ABC book about the first day of Kindergarten. Miss Bindergarten is the teacher, of course, and she gets the room ready for students. As she does, each of her Kindergarten students gets ready, too. And the reader soon discovers that the first letter of the name of the student matches the first letter of the type of animal he or she is. For example, Adam is an alligator and Brenda is a beaver.